Player Froze

Hi, I was playing for 1500 people on Friday, using 2 SC5000M 1.4.1Firmware and X1800 mixer. Music was on a Sandisk thumb drive on player 2, they where connected vie ethernet to the x1800 sharing that music. about 10 songs in player 1 froze and was unresponsive, no buttons worked and no touch on the screen. I had started to browse for my next song on that player. I had to hold the power button in until the screen went off but the button lights stayed on then the screen logo came up and rebooted. It performed great the rest of the night. don’t know if it’s the 1.4.1 firmware? or what…

Also is there a way to search all drives connected to the players, not just the drive that is mounted?

Thanks Sam King

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A freeze generally is the result of a usb/sd reading failure…

Of course you can always swap sources and search source by source. Not all at the same time (currently). You can search and vote the request in the feature requests section. It has already been created there.

See similar requests like this here:

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know about a freeze that happened to my SC5000M last week. It is a bit like the one mentioned here in the first post.

At the end of a song the player went to “stop” and then froze. I was able to start the same song again by pressing play, and that was all. I had to do a hard reset (pressing the power button until the player shut down) to get it working again.

The file that had been played is an mp3-file that has been played on different players, also the SCs, multiple times without any hassle (before and after the incident), so that makes me think it is not the file’s fault. The file was played from an usb drive attached to the front usb port of that particular player, so no data transfer via network (X1800) was needed. Both players have been stable besides that one incident which I was not able to trigger again.

Since it only occured once I am not really worried about it happening again, maybe in a live situation. I just wanted to let the community know and ask if something like this happened to anybody else out there.

My setup is the following: Two SC5000Ms, hooked up with network cables and digital audio to a X1800. All three units are more or less brand new (Nov. 2019) and run on the latest firmware.

I tried to upload a video of the incident but this did not work… don’t know why…sry

Cheers Arne