Player 1 rebooted and Player 2 crashed

I live with my sc6000 setup for almost a month and i am quite happy with them.

Today I was performing a set with my SC6000 with both layers in both players activated and loaded. Both players were playing.

I decided to connect an external 2,5" hdd to player 2 in order to find and load some new tracks and all of a sudden the following happened.

Firstly (almost instantly after i plugged in the drive to front usb of player 2) Player 1 stopped playing and rebooted.

Following to this, player 2 became totally unresponsive but continued playing.

Any opinions on the above? Both layers run 1.5.3. I love these decks and their features but i dont feel comfortable having in mind that they can crash at anytime.

Any thought on this?

It’s safe to assume the HDD had something to do with it but I always cringe when I hear the HDD would be a cause of a reboot…I hope you can get someone from Denon to help you and perhaps share crashlogs so they can investigate. Maybe @Reese can put you in touch with someone or share where the crash log would be for you to retrieve.

Most possible crash I seen to the players without any notice was a problematic MP3 file. Check if other mp3’s do this.

Thank you for your info @Shain your input is always helpful here. Actually i dont know how to share the logs. And to be as honest as i can, it is not my job to debug inmusic’s products. I dont get any share on the revenues.

I pay my hard earned bucks and i expect a problem free product. Looking actively to switch to CDJ3k and sacrifice the digital gifts from denon for reliability and stability.

@NoiseRiser thank you for your reply, your input is always helpful here. The setup crashed on usb in, i couldnt have the seconds to select the plugged in hdd as source to any player.

Its ridiculous for a professional piece of equipment to crash like this during the performance.

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Well if You are going to CDJ3K and expect reliability, than better stick with SC6000’s, as in the 3K is no reliability… if You go to Pioneers forum, You will find a lot of issues… including software, jog wheel, connectivity etc…

I am using SC5000’s over 3 years now, so far including beta software one player crushed only once during this 3 years. So I would say, reliability is there where it should be. You were just unlucky. But this can be solved, no need to stress out.

Were you standing on it? :crazy_face:

Nope, a friend came with corrupted mp3… Seem to be heavy, I guess… :thinking:

Dear @AngelDee, you are most welcome. I enjoy helping others when I can and that’s why I try to be active here daily.

I know that you are rightfully frustrated with this issue, I would be too. I want to tell you not to think that you are debugging or doing a job Denon should be doing. If you think of MicroSoft, they automatically pull or ask you to send crashlogs by hitting “ok” on a pop-up box that might appear on their software. Denon doesn’t have this advantage so for them to rectify a rare occurrence like this, they would need something to look at. The crash log would be on your device and they would have no way to see it unless you send it to them.

I respect your opinion and don’t necessarily disagree; I had CDJs problem free for years, never one crash but when I bought the SC5000, I knew it is a product still being developed and enhanced and when I did the math, it was worth the investment for me.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that this sort of crash does not happen often enough to be a huge worry but realize even once at a live gig is too many :expressionless: Hang in there if you can and I am sure your issue will be resolved.

I have tagged @JWiLL to see if he can get you in touch with someone if you’re willing to be their eyes and ears per se and share some info with their guys to get to the bottom of your crash.

Best of luck, Shain

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Great response, Shain - fair play.


@Shain how can i get the logs and where to send them? Do you suggest to upgrade to 1.6 beta?

I don’t know where you get them from. I tagged Jason above who works for Denon to see if we can get you some help. Hopefully he will check in soon and can lend a hand.

No I would not recommend you use a beta version as I don’t think you have an issue that is resolved in any other versions. Stick to what you have and see if you can replicate the issue for now.

The logs should be located on the drive which was used as source. I think in the Engine folder.

Send them to DenonDJ WeTransfer with a link in the description to this topic.

( Thanks @Shain! )


Hi @AngelDee - Sorry to hear about the crash while performing.

It’s clear from your details that the 2.5 HDD is the culprit here.

Is this a spinning disk or solid state?

What is the file format of the drive?

Was the drive prepared with Engine Prime or just a HD with music?

Have you tried using just his drive alone without other media devices connected?