Platters reacting to hand/arm without touching

MY sc5000’s platters are dropping out sound without any direct touch ie stretching over to pick next song they distort the sound please any help as it’s no good in live situations.

A couple of ideas here, and sorry if number 1 sounds too easy or simple… no negativity intended.

  1. are the film protector circles removed from the platters ?

  2. see if the issue is just at one venue or on a certain power socket/cable etc. Weird Earth or grounding can do odd things

Hi Gee, Thanks for reply,film is off had sc5000’s for 6 months now,I’m using a surge protector 4 plug extension could this be the problem as I’v had same issues at home to ? Cheers Paul

Also the other DJ’s are using a complete pioneer setup with no issues .

The platter technology is different between the new Denon DJ SC5000 Primes and the Pioneer ranges. The pios use several little moving mechanism microswitches - a little like resting a dinner plate on several doorbell pushes etc

The SC5000 Primes use a system where the surface of the platter detects touches on the surface electronically rather than by pressure having to be applied.

Is it just one of your SC5000s performing in this way, or both? If both, it’s extremely unlikely that two units would have developed an identical issue simultaneously, which could suggest a local, environmental fault eg: poor earth or contaminated mains, suspect cable etc

Yes it is both decks will look into the power supply try new 4 plug extension etc Cheers

The other option is that something might have been testing on the platters when the power was switched on, eg: some foam rubber from a flightcase or headphones etc.

The platters need to be empty/clear during power up

There is foam in the cases will check that to cheers