Platters not working properly, only moves track slightly

Hi, just unpacked my MC4000 and playing with it, the platters in vinyl mode are only working properly if I really scratch it quickly back and forth, making large movements. Even then, the track won’t move to start with, then after I have started there is a delay, and then it starts working properly. If I just move the platter slowly, the track stays where it is, or moves only very slightly. What’s up with this please?

Removed all the stickers from the platters? Using a properly grounded power outlet? If you touch something grounded with one hand and use other on the platter, does it work then?

When you say ‘removed all the stickers’, there was a rectangular sticker on each one that I removed, though it seems the platter is covered in a thin, dull looking plastic covering that I first thought was protective and needs to be peeled off (it’s actually bubbled in one place), but looking closer there doesn’t seem to be a place to peel from the edge… is that meant to be there? Could post photo…

‘A properly grounded power outlet’… how would I know that? It’s just a power point in my house.

What would be an example of ‘something grounded’ so I can test that? Thanks

Remove that protective film from the platters, I think that’s your problem.

There are simple testers for power outlets that detect issues like that.

Example of something grounded would be a metal pipe from heating, gas, or hot water for heating radiators that usually goes through the house.

Yep, that was it! Thanks.

When I unpacked it, I peeled off the two rectangular stickers, would have thought they would have been connected to the plastic underneath to peel that off, but they just came straight off. (so what is their purpose? Think they are meant to peel off the plastic but don’t.) Thanks again @SlayForMoney