Platters not performing properly

At my gig this past weekend to the both platters were not responding to touch. Its weird, I have had it happen once before on the right side. Basically with the platters set to vinyl I tried scratching in a song or holding the platter to drop a song at a hot break and the platters would only function as jog wheels, on both sides. I tried it with Key Lock on and off. And it was intermittent. Sometimes they would function, sometimes not. If I grabbed the whole platter with my palm on the top and my fingers around the sides and rocked the back and forth it would alleviate the problem. But then only for a few seconds. Sometimes it would work for a few seconds but when I would scratch the track in it worked as a jog wheel. It really led to some train wreck mixes and looked bad. Does anyone else have these issues?

Bad grounding in the venue and build up static on you = jogwheels cannot detect touch (research touch capacitive tehnology). If you touch something metal and grounded with the other hand jogwheel will suddenly work. Get a tester for power outlets and make sure you don’t pick up too much static on yourself (walking on syntethic carpet with some types of shoes)

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