Platter Malfunction on 5000 Prime

I have only been using my players since the release of Serato DJ Pro and one of the platters on one player will randomly act as if you are touching it. It is worse when when pressing the hot cues as you can see in the video. I have made several videos of the issue and am going to try to attach one here to show what I am talking about.

I had something similar act up on one of my players about a year in. I’m fairly certain it is an issue with static electricity. I’ve seen this on controllers with touch platters occasionally too.

One suggestion I was given was to make sure nothing is ever near the platters when starting up the units as it can interfere with the calibration that happens while booting up (I would sometimes have the Decksavers on still). Not sure if that fixed it or not as I now just turn off vinyl mode unless I’m using it and haven’t had further problems.

Turning off vinyl mode is not an option here. Someone on the Denon Facebook said to look into making sure the unit is grounded correctly. It looks like on the back of the player is a ground screw next to the power plug. Can anyone from Denon confirm that if they happen to read this post.