Planning to get into DJing

Hello everyone!

I’m completely new in the DJ space, but it is something that I have always been interested in diving into at some point in my life, and I think now is a perfect time. If I ever become a decent DJ or not doesn’t really matter, and I’m fully aware it probably will take a few years to get there (or anywhere). My goals are mostly for the hobby, maybe doing a few gigs at my work, and probably twitch streaming.

I’m sure this has been asked probably as many times as there are numbers of threads in this forum, what hardware should I get?

I’ve researched this topic for a few weeks already, and I have concluded that I definitely will go for Denon HW. Feature-wise and having used Denon HW in the past, and also being completely unbiased when it comes to the different software choices out there, I’m sure I will be fine with the Engine software and Denon! Also, before I describe the choices of HW that I have looked at, I just want to point out that I know that choosing better HW does not make me a better DJ :wink:

I’m simply a tech geek, and I know that I have always regretted going cheap later because one day, you will want to upgrade, and that will just end up costing more.

Let’s assume I have €2500-3000 to use on a DJ setup (I already have studio monitors since I’m playing a keyboard/workstation, and good Sennheiser cans).

Things that I have looked at:

  • 2 x SC5000 + X1850 mixer
  • Prime 4 all-in-one controller (main concern is if one piece of it breaks, you need to replace the whole thing, and I’ve seen many reports of so-and-so quality of it)
  • 1 x SC6000 + X1850 mixer (will the experience be awful using one SDJ, using layers?)

I would love to hear your comments; maybe I’m just aiming too high? :slight_smile:


Hello Ratler. For me, 3rd option is not a good option as play with layers is not the same as with 2 decks. Now regarding hw faults. I don’t have any in my prime 4 since this March I purchased until today. Some other have issues but I think that happens in many things we use in our life. So, depends on you, go with a standalone unit or with scs. Have a good and creative start.

I’m a little confused on your experience. You say you’re “completely new to DJing” but you also mention you’ve used Denon gear in the past?

Personally I’d probably go with the 2 SC5000s + x1850. The x1850 has minimal changes beyond a new look so you might as well save a couple hundred too and buy the x1800 imo.

I’m not a big all-in-one guy so I wouldn’t consider the Prime 4. I’d definitely advise against only buying one deck; dual layer is possible but your experience DJing would be much, much better if you use multiple decks.

Are you entirely certain in your choice in Denon? I know this is a Denon forum lol, and the denon gear is a lot more bang for your buck, but Pioneer CDJs are the industry standard, and that’s a fact that should be taken into consideration depending on what you’re planning on doing with this hobby.

What I meant about using Denon in the past was that I was referring to Hi-Fi products, like receivers, etc., and I have always kept coming back to Denon after trying other brands.

So two decks are recommended then, that’s sort of what I figured, thanks :slight_smile:

I have really tried to evaluate Pioneer vs. Denon, and honestly, everything Pioneer has in my price range seems to be so dated compared to the Denon equivalent. Yes, I’m completely aware Pioneer is the industry standard. But it sounds like it would be impossible to play on equipment from the opposite brand once you pick one, is it really that black and white?

No, I’d say there isn’t that much of a learning curve between Pioneer and Denon. Pioneer has some features that Denon doesn’t have (memory cues, generated “similar tracks” list, precise loop shifting using the jogwheel) and Denon has some features that Pioneer doesn’t have (roll/slicer modes, 60hz touchscreen, dual layer) Denon is certainly a good deal compared to Pioneer, just be aware that if you’re ever playing out or on someone else’s hardware, it will probably be a Pioneer set.

But of course, all of this is probably way beyond your current experience, I’d say learn how to use whatever you buy first and then spend like an hour on the other to check out the differences. How are you planning on learning? Do you have a DJ friend or are you just planning on watching some vids and playing around with it?

You are correct; it’s definitely beyond my current experience, even though I’ve done my best to understand some of the features one or the other platform has to offer.

My plan for learning will be a combination of watching videos, there even seem to be a few decent courses out there that I’ll check out, and hours of trial and error. Unfortunately, I don’t have any DJ friends; that would have been the best option, no doubt. On the other hand, I don’t plan to make a living out of this, but I will take the learning seriously.

Buy one of the new Numark controllers

Plug in your regular laptop and DJ (I’m assuming you have a laptop already)

Consider the cheapest route to learning just incase you decide somewhere down the line that DJing is not for you.

Better to end up with a 250€ dent than trying to sell on 2000€ worth of gear

Yep. Go cheap, play around with it and really decide if it’s for you.

Also for every new DJ I always quote the great Theo Parrish:

"I think that every DJ has a point where they need to get technically proficient, before they can get into an emotive thing.

You need to learn every ■■■■■■■ record you have. You have to really know the music that you’re playing, because every moment can be defined by something, you know. And if you really are paying attention to the music you collected, then at any given second the first impulse you have to pull a record and play it, go with that first impulse. And eventually start really getting into like the songs themselves and realize you take your ego up out of it.

If your starting to call yourself a producer or selector of music. First and foremost get your intention together. What is it that you want out of it? If you want to get paid go into computers. If you want to change people’s lives I’d say go into teaching. If you are in love with music and have a sickness about it, you’re closer to being in the right place.

Because everything in between, all those different parallels come into it. You have to be able to suffer and you have to know how to put up with pressure. And you have to be morally and financially responsible for what it is that you’re becoming a part of. The more you take responsibility for the music that you’re claiming to play. The less the music itself gets a chance to get heard.

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Some great wisdom words right there. I’m pretty sure I’m already getting into this for the right reasons, which is a great start.

Go cheap you say, I hope those “toy” like controllers are good enough to get started with. But that means I will have to do more research on that segment, as it wasn’t hard enough choosing between all the hardware already. :slight_smile:

The new Numark has a full length pitch fader

The reviews say the jogs are nice as well.

It’s a no brainer for 250 quid.

It’s portable to travel with, so the party is always with you.

That’s where I will start if I was just getting into it today with what I know about DJing.

It’s is the best beginner and back up controller on paper.

Comes with Serato Lite as well. That’s all you need to get a feel of djing.

Forget all the shiny pro stuff.

The new Numark looks ok, except it’s lacking XLR output. I would prefer not having to get a pair of new studio monitors as well. I’m looking at what other options I have right now, but the price jumps up quickly for one with XLR outputs. I guess I could get cables to convert from RCA -> XLR, not sure how well those work though.

RCA -> XLR works fine for short distances (less than about 5m).

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I just pulled the trigger, call me crazy, but I think this was the middle ground of all the choices, and it will also keep my inner geek satisfied. I just ordered a Prime 4, I’m sure it will keep me busy for a couple of years ahead. :slight_smile:


That is a future proof gear for a first dj set. Great, congratulations :slight_smile:

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Congrats bro. Start playing!!!

Thanks to all of you for the feedback. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, hopefully just in a day or two.

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Started with a $250 controller Pioneer DDJ-SB2 and laptop. With the cheaper controllers you want to find one that has high and low EQ and trim / gain. The only thing that makes cheap controllers a “toy” is the sound card quality. No expensive gear is going to make you a good DJ. Everything is about how well you can rock the crowd.

Now I use the Denon Prime Go.

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I agree, which is what I said in my first post: “choosing better HW does not make me a better DJ”. My goal was to make a future investment upfront so I have something that can grow with me as I (hopefully) improve in the art of DJing.

My Prime 4 arrived about 5 days ago, and so far I have been having a lot of fun. There are so many things to learn, and not to mention to keep practicing on over and over again. Right now I’m just dealing with the very basics.

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Prime 4 is Awesome! Wish I had room for Prime 4. Have fun.

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