Pitch sliders get stuck after syncing then unsyncing

I’m new to the Prime Go and played out a set using the sync feature but I’m finding that if you switch sync off on one or both decks you cannot change the BMP/tempo without waiting for about 20 seconds or frantically moving the pitch slider up and down. I need to do this because maybe I want to alter the tempo or bpm completely but this really is a pain as you cannot have a 20 second wait when your in the middle of doing a set.

Any reason why this might be happening?

It’s because the pitch slider isn’t motor driven to go to the place that it would need to go to, to match the % that auto-sync needed.

You simply need one movement of the pitch slider, either a single sweep up, or down, to “reconnect” the slider with the value. You won’t need multiple up down up down up down - just one movement in the direction that auto sync used eg; + or -

So, if auto sync had to force the pitch % to +5% to make the mix work, you move the pitch slider to +5% and ta-daaaa! It’s connected again.

It’s called “soft takeover” if you wanted to Google it.

That’s what I would have expected but this is not happening for me. It doesn’t seem to work straight away which is why I’m raising it here. I will test again and report back, otherwise I’m guessing it could be a fault with the unit!

Hey @SoundFish Thanks for the question. Definitely feel free to share any visuals or more information about this so we can determine the cause.

What will be happening is …. You’re probably waggling the pitch slide up and down between +4 and -4 …. Possibly even repeatedly… when it just needs to touch -5, once

There isn’t a 20 second delay, honest guv

When one syncs to a wider bpm the bpm range increases automatically to accommodate this, that’s how it is on the 5/6000

Eg my default is 8%

Say I sync a 100bpm track to a 120bpm track, the range changes on the incoming 100bpm track player to 20%

Hence I need to move the pitch in one direction to engage the takeover.

PS I am not a fan of this takeover behavior btw

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I’ve posted about this before. It’s annoying and unintuitive IMO.