Pitch slider on deck 2 not at 100 when in middle

Hi I’ve had the Go for a week and I’ve just noticed that the pitch slider on deck 2 is at 99.8 when locked in the middle whereas the right one is at 100 where it should be. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Hello @SunnyJ Welcome to the forum.

Can You please describe in more detail, what you were trying to achieve?

Shouldn’t it be 0.00 when it’s in the middle.

Unless you’re using auto sync

Sorry that’s what I meant, it’s should be at 0.00 but it’s at -0.5 so it’s slightly off, the right is bang on at 0.00

I had this problem with one of my HS5500 players, which weren’t heavily used.

Maybe try to update it. When new software will be on, the fader should get recalibrated on a fresh startup.

Good idea, I’ll wait for the next update but if I was to go back to an older update and then update to the latest again, do you think that’s worth a try?

I would try to give it the same software to rule out any hardware issues.

Thanks NoiseRiser - will give it a go and see if it works, if not I’ve already reported the issue to teh retailer and will get a replacement if not sorted but thanks to everyone for their help on here - much appreciated! I’m new to the forum so look forward in getting to know Denon DJ community!

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Good luck, if we can help more, just shoot a question.

Okay just an update - had a new replacement unit arrive today and it seems to be a lot better! The tracks load a lot faster from Tidal - literally straight away!! All in all everything just seems to work faster, pitch slider is bang on with this one and I can’t be totally sure but the sound seems to be better too. Now have to send the other one back but I’m a happy man, time to cut up some tracks!! Thanks again to everyone

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