Pitch resolution still .1 after update

Updated players to the new firmware before it was pulled, i read that the pitch resolution was updated to .01 resolution, however my pitch resolution is still at .1 after the update. Other features seem to work, such as creating playlists on the players etc. am i missing something?

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Could you show this? At what speed range etc.?

If your pitch resolution was at 0.1 before the update, there is something wrong with your players. The previous increment was 0.05

i think i misinterpreted the update. i can see the pitch resolution is .01, i had originally thought the bpm resolution was what was updated. my bad for any confusion. im assuming everyone’s bpm also reads at .1? with a higher pitch resolution as a percentage below it?

Yes that’s right. In old 1.0.0 bpm I recall it was double digit after the comma.

H alli, please see new 1.3.1 information and reinstall info here:


Thanks Jay