Pitch control not smooth

please redirect me if im in the wrong forum as i am new to this, yes im older lol im looking for the firmware for the mc6000 controller to correct the glitch in my pitch control and faders hoping it will all be ok after that , thanks in advance Dj Dre :slight_smile:

Welcome. Are the pitch controls behaving differently now, to how they were previously?

yes they used to be working fine until recently first the volume control faders and now one of the pitch control slide i move it on the controller but on virtual dj it stops in the middle and keeps jumping

Ok. Thanks for confirming that information.

If the firmware were to “degrade” even just by one byte, the entire unit wouldn’t even successfully power up for any mode - not CD, not midi, not for playing USB etc.

So, as your players are playing at all means that the firmware is 100% fine.

Aside from any midi issues, I suspect that your pitch fluctuations are down to a dirty, fluffy or worn pitch slider.

thank you, it makes sense …thanks for taking the time to answer me and doing so, so rapidly, i really appreciate it :wink: Now, how do i fix that issue?

Compressed air … and if that doesn’t work contact spray?

There are fader cleaning solutions out there (contact spray + lube). I’ve heard good things about Deoxit. If that doesn’t work, fader is worn out and needs replacement.