Pitch bend + / - button to adjust/bend track while mixing in dual mode

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? atm it’s a bit of a hustle to unsync, raise/lower bpm and set it back again with the mouse… A simple pitch +/- bend would do the trick.

or maybe a keystroke shortcut suggestion? :

pitch bend + : alt + “arrow left” or “+” pitch bend - : alt + “arrow right” or “-”

  • How will this feature help you and others? For previewing certain combo’s it would be a big help.

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox

  • Does a workaround currently exist? Unsync raise / lower bpm set bpm again … await … repeat process (it’s a hassle in comparison with other software)

  • How often would you use this feature? each time 'm preparing a podcast

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? every other dj software is using it


But the other software you’ve mentioned is stage sofrware for live performance. Engine prime is just something to use at home for auditioning tracks, it’s not supposed to be a substitute for having the decks at home. Engine prime certainly needs a lot of work and improvements but maybe not in this direction, yet

The free rekordbox isn’t m8.

I see engine prime as a solution to organise the archive, prepare podcasts… while preparing most of us want to test a quick lay over right?

I can see this beeing an advantage while traveling and preparing things to play for gigs…

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You didn’t specify free. Besides the remaining Software you mentioned is definately in the bracket of on stage software

Can we please keep it constructive? i can’t see the importance of the fact 'm naming on stage software or not…

talking about a pitch bending option on engine prime here … yet that other detail get’s all the mentioning :sweat_smile:


Not needed for prep software , unless someone’s trying use prep software as a freebie alternative to buying real performance sofrware or hardware.

It like asking for a pitch control and split cue on an iPod or a play button on a speaker

Still, it’s always nice to have extra free things added to anything so ask away. I’d like a milk frother added to Engine prime for latte please.

People work differently and that’s the beauty of things.

There is a free Virtual DJ (Home), Mixx is open source , why would anyone want to use Engine Prime to DJ with live. It’s quite limited even if they add pitch bend options. No EQ, No filter.

It’s amuses me when someone posts a feature request and there are these kinda responses from folks.

If you don’t have a need for a request, no need to post why you don’t need it, just ignore it. Simples.

If that is all there is to Engine Prime then we may as well be using iTunes.


Thx for yr input Mufasa.

It’s laughable.

This is where we find out that there’s been pitch bend on Engine Prime since it first came out but everyone forgot the keyboard strokes :sunny:

Free Rekordbox has it

Free Serato has it

I cant see any in the guide

Imagine :rofl:

It would make sence tho’ … but unfortunatly it’s a NO on that. No key short cut for pitch bending.


  • pitch bend + : alt + “arrow left” or “+”

  • pitch bend - : alt + “arrow right” or “-”

Added these to OP.

If they denon will give this to us free , after all the far more important things are fully operational, then yeah why not. I’ll hold off voting until then though. Dont want to distract The teams

I don’t see the value of input here… iTunes, Rekordbox, VLC, Serato, … They all provide free software… If users never gave their feedbacks… well then these softwares would never be the ones they are today…

I can imagine you don’t see a certain beneficial value to some of the requests… But try to see the bigger picture as well here, it’s all ment to benefit us users and keep Denon on course to greatness.

In comparison Engine Prime and the whole prime series and such are actually still in their startingblocks … and it’s now we as users can help shape these products to what it can be.

Sidenote on If they denon will give this to us free … well dear Chris, i spend a good amount of money on my prime 4… and it has EP included to increase a certain promised workflow… i won’t dare to call it free but hey to each his own i guess :wink:

Denon has things that are ahead of the curve with their gear, yet it’s details as this that work as a dealbreaker as they are common to all the other (also free) platforms. That’s why we bring it to their attention…

Slowly but steady it’ll grow to a perfect setup (combination of gear & software), but indeed, we’ll need to give it time. (Same story with the Akai Mpc’s, slowly but eventually they turned out to be the very (even more!) powerful devices today in comparison on their release…)

Regards N.