Pioneer user testing out Denon SC5000 Prime

Howdy Denon DJs – Longtime Pioneer CDJ-series user here now exploring Denon SC5000. So far so good, except for a few critical features missing that I’m hoping are addressed ASAP via firmware updates. Finding build quality alone much better than Pioneer (mainly aluminum control panel surface, hi-rez gesture display, buttery jogs, etc.). Test setup in studio: 2) Denon SC5000, Rane MP2015, Serato DJ Pro.


I’ve just recently changed from Pio’ CDJ’s and DJM / Rekordbox setup myself also …

I do miss my Sample options now though so though I do like the sc5000/x1800 stand alone it looks like I may have to go down the Serato controller route with them to get my sample options and track key adjustment back.

Nice setup btw :sunglasses:

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At least the monitor speakers are further away from the kit in this little piccy, instead of being so close, the speakers pick up electronic sounds from the gears electrics.

Thanks. Here’s a peek at normal studio setup.


so whats best pio or denon?