Pioneer DJ gear prophecy NAMM 2020

But it’s YOUR posts, and posts like yours, that are devaluing the resale value of denon gear

Pioneer lost a lot to laptop DJ’s, their response was dj software of their own.

Everyone whose gotten into dj’n in the past 8 years are using laptops and are used to hot cues and such. Now they are all grown up🤣

I don’t see the need for 8 hot cues for jog wheel djs but for turntable djs they need em.

Using an “industry standard deck” with only essential features will produce DJs who only use what’s available to them. Don’t forget that these DJs love using fx and that’s what pioneer excelled at with their mixers.

Hah hah hah. I should just stick my head under the sand and pretend everything’s hunky dory? I’m trying to affect change in what I bought so they’re worth what I paid. I didn’t spend my time developing essentially a new, cheaper version of the system undercutting my early adopters. I didn’t drop the prices. I also didn’t come out with new flag ships so soon. I haven’t dinked around with a bunch of other stuff rather than improving audio processing fidelity. I didn’t balk on NTFS read-only support from the original specs. I didn’t fail to implement and announce a mass repair/replace/recall program on the touch jog ground issue like they did for the Rane Twelve motor problem. Shall I continue?

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But other forum members have mentioned your posts negatively too.image

I wouldn’t be surprised if the forum staff found enough time after today’s news release to go through your post history and realise just how much damage you’re doing by being allowed to post so negatively and the obvious way that you jump on any thread about any subject and divert the conversation back onto your personal negative points.

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It’s only damaging to their sales because they haven’t done much about these problems. If you pretend they’re not real, they’re not going to magically go away.

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You can’t be serious that a simple personal opinion degrade the value of an equipment. You have eyes and ears, don’t you? You know what you need your equipments for. Nothing is stopping you from trying the equipment yourself before you buy it. The question is only how valuable is a certain equipment to you and your needs?

The possible degrading value of an equipment is due to several factors, like functionality, reliability, long term software support and serviceability.

And speaking of degrading value due to serviceability, here is one reason:

I am not the only person that did audio processing tests on this forum and elsewhere. On the ground issue, HellNegative had his 5000s’ touch glitch up at a gig somewhere I think in Cincinnati when he had good electrical line grounding. This is real, demonstrable stuff. I don’t work for InMusic. I’m a customer. My posts are also not just critical, they’re also constructive and with accompanying ideas for solutions. On the touch jog ground fault, I came up with an idea on how to reseat the jog and mitigate it temporarily at least for a few hours at a time… and that’s besides the recommendation for InMusic do a public repair program for them or something.

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I had sometimes this pb with prime 4 too wether there is a bad ground

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Everyone way too obsessed with pioneer gear and Denon being better

For the record, I don’t think I’m oversimplifying this into one being “better” than the other. It’s complicated and there are currently real tradeoffs.

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Just to be fair here - neither are you. All we can do is guess - its been interesting guessing what Denon would bring out - there’s been a lot of possibilities - you’ll not know for sure until NAMM opens its doors. Said with all respect.

Personally, I hope they do bring out something outstanding, as I cant help but feel let down by today’s Denon announcement. I would seriously consider something like a Pioneer “SC6000”, as i am really keen on getting a good sampler like the DJS1000. I have to be brutally honest though - I think it exceptionally unlikely.

I have never used a Pioneer DJ deck before - is anyone else in the same boat?

I used CDJ’s for years, but not only CDJ’s. I never seen any great value in Pioneer gear. Ecosystem? It’s easy to adapt. No eco system? Creat Your own structure. I was playing very much with Traktor, and I didn’t like how the song collection was managed there. I made my own folder structure by genre and it stayed like that till now and still works. I can find any of my tracks even without any extra data base/library software and I can do it very fast. So to use Engine Prime - easy, simple. No hustle for me. So if someone keeps their music organized, it will stay organized in any library software.


Never a truer word spoken there. Cant agree more,

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This is what we see with all these complaining, whining people… They have a mess library, and then expect that engine will fix it… Then a big surprise - it doesn’t. Mess will stay a mess.

I would say that the BPM analysis needs some looking at, but to expect Engine Prime to sort out a messy collection is like throwing flour, eggs and milk in a microwave and expecting a cake to come out the other side. You still need to put in a bit of spadework to get it done.

Yes sir. About the BPM analysis - Let’s give them time. It is not bad now, and I am sure it can only get better. Just needs time…

Absolutely - now that the hardware is all done, the focus can be on the BPM side of things.


Just seen this posted by one of my friends (a full pioneer gear owner).

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I’ve only heard they will come with a new “serious beast of a” mixer. Perhaps a new DJM-2000 or S9.

As we seen a bunch of fresh vinyl related videos by Pioneer, I think it’s going the dvs direction.