Pioneer DJ gear prophecy NAMM 2020

With NAMM coming up and Denon DJ already showing off a bunch of new players, one is thinking what Pioneer DJ (or AlphaTheta) will come up with this year.

A lot of people are waiting on an answer to the Denon DJ equipment but I don’t think that will be the case.

If they bring out a new CDJ, my best guess is that it would look something like this:

Yes that’s right: no duel deck capability, no new touchscreen, no music streaming, … Just minor improvements over the NXS2 players, containing only the new technology developed in the XDJ-XZ.

Why? Because it will sell anyways. Just like new iPhones sell when adding some new gimmicks to the old generation. You can’t blame them for doing what is selling. Why would you spend thousands of dollars developing new technology when the old technology is still working? Or if you are developing the technology, why would you release it when you can sell older, cheaper technology for the same price, making more money.

I could be completely wrong here but going by what I have seen them doing for the past years, this is my best guess.

What do you guys think, let me know :wink:

You know that’s impossible. They will present a similar product to the SC6000.

Pioneers main release this year will most likely be a new car radio. :red_car:

Pioneer DJ has been cut out from the big main pioneer and has lost some of its long time DJ staff.

Also, Prime should have scared the :poop: out of pioneer in the last two years or so, with sc5000 winning deck of the year and most innovative product and that was even before denon activated the hiding WiFi

I don’t think so. They don’t have the technology to do something like that yet. It would require them to use a totally new chipset & screen technology. They would also have to rewrite an entire new operating system for these chips, since their old technology is written for low power microcontrollers.

Lets not forget that Denon DJ is borrowing a lot of expertise and technology from other InMusic brands such as AKAI. Just take a look at the screen of the AKAI MPC X:

Looks quite similar to the Prime 4 screen doesn’t it?

This is technology that Pioneer DJ just doesn’t have yet.

Again I could be wrong but we shall see :slight_smile:

Anyway you are not the Pioneer CEO to seriously know something real about their technology status. Cheers :wink:

I don’t really think that they are scared to much. I don’t see Denon DJ replacing every CDJ in every club over the next few years. Innovation is not everything. Why do you think that CDJ’s still have CD slots. People will still buy CDJ’s because it is the club standard and clubs will still buy CDJ’s because thats what most DJ’s expect to see in the club DJ booth. It is a vicious circle that is not easy to break.

For the mobile market, yes, Denon DJ is winning over a lot of people, including me (I bought a Prime 4 a few months ago, coming from Pioneer DJ, and I absolutely love it). But I still play in clubs with CDJ’s because there is no space in the booth to put my Prime 4.

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Maybe that’s a new idea for Decksaver to jump into : little plastic “Bridges” for common gear so you can put different gear on top :laughing:

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I know, I am just giving my prediction. I could be totally wrong :wink:

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Pioneer DJ has nothing to worry about, because its lineup covers pretty much any configuration setup, no matter if it’s about players, mixers, controllers or all-in-one DJ systems. All these equipments simply work well, benefit from a very good software support and on the long run have very good serviceability. It is not mandatory for Pioneer DJ to follow in anyone’s footsteps because it’s position in the industry is stable. Pioneer DJ put the concept of “if ain’t broke, why fix it” to very good use. Pioneer DJ have all the time needed to develop a new equipment, without any pressure, and you can be shure that a future product release will be just as good and reliable as any other equipment in its lineup. If Denon DJ along with all other players in the industry will raise the quality level of its equipments and provide real good competition, maybe the prices will stabilize also. What matters to us is to keep providing feedback and see Denon DJ expand and diversify its lineup to cover all users needs, no matter if it’s 2 channel setups or multichannel setups, backed up by good software support and service manuals.

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I totally agree! Thats why I think they will bring out a minor upgrade, not something game changing new. (assuming they will release something new, as they didn’t last year)

Major problem is indeed install base. Friends of mine are not gonna change because Pio’s are everywhere and it does what they want them to do.

Changing ecosystem is like changing from Android to iOS or back. Too much hassle for most of them. Laziness and “no need for innovation” plays a part also.



I would not call that feeling lazyness, but more like convenience and assurance that you know it works and help do your job properly. We, as Denon DJ equipment users have to work with what we have also, even if it’s a longer road to cover. We choose to use Denon DJ because it dares to innovate and be out of the box, but keeping feedback alive is essential.

This is pioneer completely.

Things like prime being able to read rekordbox usb sticks and engine Prime being able to convert entire collections both help

Think about this “no need to innovate” for Pioneer DJ and ask yourself the following question: how many Pioneer DJ users need anything else?

We, on the other hand, needed and still need the ability to convert our existing libraries, carefully put together on third-party software applications, precisely because of the Engine software rudimentary initial release.

Doesn’t Pioneer already have an add-on device that has pads and stuff for the NXS2 system, or is that only a computer controller thing?

I don’t see Pioneer having the same flagship for over four years, it sounding amazing when reasonably used, and being a super reliable known quantity without all the latest jazz as being some kind of detriment. I think you guys are underemphasizing the importance of all that stuff, especially the confidence of knowing your investment is going to have resale value if you need to sell it later… that’s a consideration and hedge every buyer makes, early or late adopter.

But it’s YOUR posts, and posts like yours, that are devaluing the resale value of denon gear

Pioneer lost a lot to laptop DJ’s, their response was dj software of their own.

Everyone whose gotten into dj’n in the past 8 years are using laptops and are used to hot cues and such. Now they are all grown up🤣

I don’t see the need for 8 hot cues for jog wheel djs but for turntable djs they need em.

Using an “industry standard deck” with only essential features will produce DJs who only use what’s available to them. Don’t forget that these DJs love using fx and that’s what pioneer excelled at with their mixers.

Hah hah hah. I should just stick my head under the sand and pretend everything’s hunky dory? I’m trying to affect change in what I bought so they’re worth what I paid. I didn’t spend my time developing essentially a new, cheaper version of the system undercutting my early adopters. I didn’t drop the prices. I also didn’t come out with new flag ships so soon. I haven’t dinked around with a bunch of other stuff rather than improving audio processing fidelity. I didn’t balk on NTFS read-only support from the original specs. I didn’t fail to implement and announce a mass repair/replace/recall program on the touch jog ground issue like they did for the Rane Twelve motor problem. Shall I continue?

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But other forum members have mentioned your posts negatively too.image

I wouldn’t be surprised if the forum staff found enough time after today’s news release to go through your post history and realise just how much damage you’re doing by being allowed to post so negatively and the obvious way that you jump on any thread about any subject and divert the conversation back onto your personal negative points.

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It’s only damaging to their sales because they haven’t done much about these problems. If you pretend they’re not real, they’re not going to magically go away.

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