Photo of the day!

Lets see them pictures.

At a gig right before the guests came.


very nice perspective, think about for a 2 monitor desktop background picture :thinking:

You can use it if you want to :slightly_smiling_face:. I just love the colors on the walls that almost match the colors on my units. :star_struck:

hehe, thanks… the resoiution is perfect for it for a deskbackground, will try this out…

regards, Roland

Or else let me know if you want the original, if this doesnt work - dont know if uploading here, lowers the quality?!

uhmm 1,52MB with a resolition of 3648x1824 here, but shouldnt downgrade the original for normal - i think. or see you any difference with your original? if yes: send me to: - please and thanks :ok_hand:


My setup tonight


Its the same here on the original :+1:

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thanks for it! :ok_hand: