Phono Pre-Amps too quiet

Am I missing a setting in the mixer. Currently, the phono pre-amps are coming in very quiet. This is noticed both on the mixer and in Serato.

Also, while on topic of levels, the Digital Input level is super hot! Anyway to adjust it?

No problems here with both.

Phono: Technics with Grado DJ100. Digital: SC’s and RME interface. Same levels.

Was able to rectify the issue. Bad contacts on old headshells.

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It’s all about maintenance my son!

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are you using real vinyl?

Why necrobump an old help thread that has been solved?

Did a search about real vinyl with x1800. Didn’t look at date. Just curious about using real vinyl with the x1800. I have the ddj-1000 and it’s super low compared to digital.

Read my comments in January 2017.

so, it does work with real vinyl? not just dvs? plus do you even own turntables? looking for someone that has experience using the x1800 with real vinyl.

Yes duhhh of course… DVS tested also. Technics SL1210 since 1991…

Your looking for experience with “real blabla vinyl”, but fail to ask the right question: “Does my blabla brand turntable with blabla brand and type cartridge have enough output on the RIAA to work loud enough with the X1800?”

Use the X1800 with real vinyl every other day.

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