Philips Hue: which one?

Hello denon dj’s Well all is in the title . I’ll probably buy some hue lights for xmas , but i would like to hear to suggestions. Play, Lightstrip, Ambiance … i can’t decide , what’s the ideal set up ?

You need to make sure they can be added to an entertainment zone in Hue.

Play bars will certainly do. Don’t know exactly about the others. I think every Hue that does RGB, so the RGB light strip as well.

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Don’t forget the bridge :slight_smile:


Can’t fully comment on functionality as I’m awaiting 3 playbars and bridge to be opened at Xmas, gift from my lady. Also have a new dmx light to open :hugs:

But I would say is think about where you would position your lights and where will it glow. Do you want to hide them and just see the emitting light up walls or want them on show and in face?

Once you have that answered your choices will become more obvious.

Sure you know but they need to be Philips hue lights and not lights compatible with Philips hue.

Well , hidden or not it doesn’t matter so much, i’m just looking for the best hue lights i could buy with the best response with engine. The playbars are probably the best but in the few videos i’ve seen they don’t look so great in action. If anyone has a clear video on those lights, or others ones, that would be cool !

Currently they pulse colours to the beat, like all the Hue stuff but Phil Moree alluded to the point of them being controlled separately in the future via the entertainment zones.

What you’ve seen in the videos on YouTube etc is pretty much the extent of what they do. They are more for people who already have Hue in the home and just want some musical responsive colour.

The play bars turned onto a wall as a wash look okay or a strip along the back of a DJ table. Fingers crossed we can get individual Hue lights at some point.

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True. I used to stream my phone to TV with a “disco app” to flash colours filling the room.

Sound was picked up from the phones mic next to a speaker and streamed to the tv flashing colours to the beat. It works for mood but was not great.

Since the integration and control from our players now exist it made sense for me to get some play bars for a more permanent and accurate fixing.


That’s the way to go, for sure. You’ll get a great light show with that, especially if they drop an update to get individual lights to respond independently.