Phantom Signal/LED's on CH4

Last night I had a strange issue a few hours in to a set I noticed that the bottom 2 LED’s were lit on CH4 of the mixer.

Even when I stopped everything playing, all FX etc (I wasnt even using CH4) and even unplugged the inputs to CH4 they stayed on, the only thing that got rid of it was a reboot of the mixer.

Im sure I have had this before, anyone else seen this and is it a software issue or a hardware issue?

What input type was the input selector at the top of CH4 on at the time? Did changing that knob change the state of the meter? Did putting only CH4 fader up cause the master meters to go up at all with the master knob at its unity (zero mark if you have no attenuation of master, max if you have -10 set in Utility)?

They were all set to digital, tried moving fader 4 no difference, unfortunatly I wasnt able to test anything else but I will if it happens again.

Shot in the dark, you haven’t got effects set to channel 4 and knocked them on by mistake?

Shame the photo doesnt capture it but I dont think so, I usually have it set to A or B but I guess its not totally impossible.

I have just remembered too I was getting phantom flashing on the Mic 1 peak LED during the evening, I dont even have a mic plugged in and the pots are all the way down.

I will have to keep an eye out on the next session.

That doesn’t sound right mate, is it still under warranty?

I don’t believe that would affect the channel meter.

It does’t, I’ve just tried it (though it was without an input source in the decks). Was just a long shot.

It is only a couple of months old, I will keep an eye on it!

i’ve just now run into something similar on a dn-x500. i’m getting crosstalk- the output from channel 1 can be heard on channel 4, but muddy & distorted. when it happens, changing the gain & input knobs on ch4 don’t do anything, the sound keeps going. all you can do to get rid of it is turn down the fader on ch4 & not use it, making it a 3-channel mixer. it seems to be triggered when i plug the wrong things in, but i still haven’t isolated the problem yet. is it possible that the matrix routing (or whatever)- the knob at the top that lets you select the input- could have wiring problems?

Not possible to have any wiring problems. I would go for a damaged op amp chip. Can get broken when line signal goes to phono input.

As the X1800 is a digital mixer I think my issue is more a software bug especially as a reboot cleared it up.

I believe this has only started for some people AFTER the latest firmware update. I would say it’s something in that causing it.