Personal settings are not loaded on startup and some other issues

Hello Denon DJ users.

First off let me say that I never had any issues with the prime 4 before the 2.0 update. I was one of the first users of the prime 4’s first delivery. I’ve always been very careful about disconnecting USB or hard drives. I have a very clean and ordered database. However, now I have some problems.

I’m having a problem with the personal settings since the update. Every time I start up the Prime 4 the unit goes to default settings. Each time the question is also asked if I want to load my profile. If I click yes, it will go back to the basic settings. So the waveforms are vertical again and my personal preference setting in the playlist is on a different mode than my own preference. I then have to manually set everything back to my personal preferences. For example on ‘date added’ or ‘year’. When everything is set up how I want it and turn the unit off and on again, my personal settings are no longer saved. Even if I press ‘save settings’ in the settings menu, the unit still returns to certain default settings when it starts up. This problem started with the update from 2.0.

Also, since the update, half of my cue points in the playlist have disappeared.

The unit also freezes regularly and nothing works anymore. Then I have to re-start the Prime 4 with de power on/of button on the back.

It seems the higher the update the more bugs creep in.

How can I solve these problems?


Have you tried the latest update 2.1.1?

Yes it is up to date…Always update on new realeses.

Hi @desooth ,

The views and sort options are not part of the user profile / drive preferences.

You can see all things included in the user profile on pages 17, 18 and 19 in the user guide:

The views and short options should be saved on profile. This makes sense and not every restart to select the sort method or view.

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i get the same problem after last update, personal settings not save, keep come in 4 decks when i restart and i have to changue to 2 all the time