Hello Cummunity,

I bought a new MacBook Pro (Vers. 2019, 16GB, 512GB SSD) and ran into a problem with my DENON MC7000 and Virtual DJ. If, I switch to the Tag Editor (into VDJ), the track will stop for about 1 second. The same thing happens when I go into the settings. I’ve tried both BigSur and Catalina operating systems. With my previous laptop (a MacBook Air from 2017) with BigSur and before with Catalina everything works fine. The settings in VDJ are identical on both devices (latest version of course).

Without a connected controller everything works fine (although the time display stops for about 1 second, the sound continues to run).

Does anyone know the problem and maybe can help me?

I suppose the easy answer is don’t edit tags on a track that’s currently playing. If you’re just messing around at home at the time then of course it doesn’t matter as no one will hear.

Maybe a workaround is, at an event, if you sleep too a track and play it and realise that the tag is in need of an edit, could you add the track to a playlist or crate called “tags to be edited” which you can then edit when you’re next off stage.