PERFECT case for Prime 4

When i got my prime 4, i got the odyssey case for it and the thing weighed about 40 lbs, had a laptop shelf that blocks the primes screen etc. the case is awful!!

THEN i bought THIS one and i am in love! Lighter, more stylish, has great wheels on it AND it has a 1U rack space under it!!

Get yourself one!

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Looks nice indeed. I like the all black too. Only thing is it is harder to keep tidy as the black metal parts are more susceptible to flaking and the light aluminum underneath it shines through really nasty. But I understand there is no other material as well (both metal and even modern plastics) that don’t suffer from that.

Personally I only have my flight cases custom made these days. The reasons for that are twofold:

  1. I can have them made so that no cables are visible to the audience at all, nor the back of the controller. As I DJ with my controller in the case, that is a valuable thing for presenting a professional “front” to the crowd.
  2. It allows me to have my controller sit a bit higher, better for my back and provides room for stuff underneath it, like routing cables to the front where they connect to the outside world and -for example- having a drawer underneath the controller with a foam insert, that holds my mic, batteries, pen, note paper and other small stuff.

Again, I like the look of this one, especially since it doesn’t have the sliding laptop shelf. I am assuming the P4 will fit with the plastic screen protector over it?

It sure will, DJ_Vintage! I, too, went the PRO-X route, having an issue with Odyssey with my SC5000/X1800 Setup. I came across the Pro-X dj booth/table/facade. Like it for the “cover up” reasons and the black/white scrim options. But the case for the Prime 4 is awesome. I actually screwed in my 19" rack in the 20" space, to the side, leaving just enough for a microphone to sit in underneath the Prime 4 by the rack! Good stuff…

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@DJ_Vintage who builds your cases? can you compare the costs?

Depending on complexity & special wishes, say 30 to 50% more. I have a guy in a city nearby, just a 1-man operation.