Peformance pad lagging in hotcue mode

Hi i have been having issues with my performane pad whenever i am to beatmatch at a certain cuepoint… It will lag by a few milliseconds b4 it starts playing… Any advice?

Turn quantise off or lower its value.

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Hi @Dj_Broque, Quantize could indeed be on. Slide down from the top of your screen to find the button (slide up from the bottom of the screen if you are running v1.3.1)

hi thanks for the heads up! forgive me as I’m still learning. i have no issues using quantize on pioneer but since changing to prime 4 i have this issue of lagging? but what u say is true when i off the it does seem to work just fine. Should quantize when on suppose to lag?

Prime 4 quantise will delay an early quantise to make up for badly timed early presses, but can’t do anything about bad timing late presses (yet)

Thanks appreciate it! at least i now know why…

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