PC link port purpose?

I read the manual and it explains what ports 1-4 are for (for my new SC6000M’s arriving today!) but it doesn’t say what the purpose of the PC port is. Is there perhaps some DAW or something it can sync to as well or is it just for like updating purposes (I used the USB input to update my firmware).

If you’re using the streaming services and can’t get onto WiFi, you can run a network cable direct into the prime

And we presume eventually this…



The PC Link port is on a LAN hub that allows the X1850 and Denon DJ media players to connect together and out to various things like:

  1. Streaming if WiFi is weak or unavailable
  2. SoundSwitch
  3. Resolume
  1. Ableton Link? (pretty please)

Would love this at gigs.

Are we able to use a hub for all three?

Why wouldn’t it?

Ehhh idk. Was curious. Good to know that it does.

Resolume and soundswitch Hubbed would probably be alright, as they both only trickle tiny amounts of data, just heartbeat stuff really.

I wouldn’t want to hub anything alongside a streaming services connection though, not without a lot of testing at home first

I believe the switch in the X18x0 mixers is gigabit speed, so more than enough bandwidth for loading/streaming a track.


Wonder if they can push videos to resolume or mixemergency via the pc Ethernet when playing MP4 videos.

Then the laptop can output the video.

Then the knobs and mixers are automapped to Resolume or Mixemergency effects

Just a thought, the screens on the 6000s will be lovely for videos.

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