PC is not recognizing Prime 4 SSD card

Or maybe I’m just stupid. When I click on “My Computer,” I don’t see the SSD card.

I have same problem with Prime 2. I have to unplug USB cable and plug it again. Usually second time works like a charm :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your response. I tried that, but I’ll try it again. The thing is I hear my pc chime that Prime 4 is connected, but I can’t find the SSD card on my pc.

Are You in Computer mode on Your Prime 4?

Yes, I’m in computer mode.

Are you able to see any change in the device manager?

Well, what comes up are several drives. I’ve clicked on each of them and looked at “Properties,” but I can’t see the SSD card. Also, when I click on “My Computer,” it shows only my regular hard drive and my DVD drive. Thanks for helping. I’m just not very computer literature about these things.