Payed for upgrade firmwares softwares

When we take my cars to be year services at the repairs shop and ask for he to be tuned up for good fuel economy, it’s not free. And I know I pay for that better performing. I Feel it is right for repair shop to charge for elective things that are more than what the car was had when i bought It.

But I know all so that the car has a guarantee for a year from when I first receive it from the car dealer for them fixing things that should not be wrong in he first year.

With our primes there are things that should not be wrong from what the box and adverts he say like beat grid stretch’s and bpm maths (now fixed free) and these fix he should be free until our primes he works like the adverts say.

But there are more extras, extras not fixes that people ask and ask and ask for. Extras like “Make this same feature like on tractor, or like on serato, or like stems or sampler” .

Everyone wants free things of course and no one wants to pay if they think he can make free by many demanding by insult to denon or daily poisons posts against denon to try for guilt to denon.

If denon actually answered to any of the suggestion posts , if denon put prices again each suggestion , who would buy those feature ? Or would he lose interest immediates if it wasn’t free?

Like stems then if denon he said the could add stems to sc5000/sc6000 for €20000 and 200 user eche pays to denon €100 - who would say yes to he Denon for that Extra as it is an extra ? Users who share-pay get that firmwares with that extra in it

Same share buy for sampler ? Who would share-pay he denon €100 for that special version of the firmwares.

The real fix’s to thing that were original adverts features would still be free fix until he denon fix them - I’m not say that fix exist the things on original should be share pay.

Maybe Denon could have a subscription plan, like Pioneer have just started with Rekordbox 6, and Adobe have been doing for some time already.

Would all user tolerate of that. I could see 3 or 6 month in to subscription people say of how they did NOT subscribe to they €3 every month for multiple color waveform or for sampler , they only wanted their €3 every month to get stems.

Above swap stems word with multiple color wave form idea or sampler word - some would alway say their Share pay idea Suggestion should be First

Throwing more money at the dev team won’t just magically pull a feature from thin air.

Denon knows about these issues and they are working on fixes for most of them. They are just making sure they are doing it right. Be patient :slight_smile:

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This is a confusion I wanted to avoid

There are issues - issues where the things doesn’t work as the advert says it should work. Denon must work on those fast and free to users with no payment.


There are all so buyers REQUESTS Or suggests where a new new new feature he asked to be inclosed on the things. Like example of sampler or stems. For samplers and stems denon advert never never said there is a sampler or a stems features - so adding these would not be a fix it would be a paid pay-share feature for people to share pay and expect results in a real agree time length

I think you misunderstand it a bit… Its only a feature request… Nothing more.

Its not something that is guaranteed, but some of the things people wish, would def. be cool at some point.

You could also see the Feature requests as a ‘pointer’ for the Dev team, so they could think about what might be cool to add in future products/ hardware.

And as long as Denon encourage us (by having that section on the forum) to make a feature request, you’ll keep seeing those coming.


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I’m very happy that Denon yet isn’t jumpin’ on this “we can rip off cust money” trip. Hope they ‘ll nevèr take this direction. Most seriously DJs I know stay on rb 5.6.0, they don’t pay for any subscription. I left rb behind and switched fully to the engine prime ecosystem. Till now I didn’t regret it. I’m really lovin’ my Denon setup (X1800 & 2 SC5000M)

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I hope they never go to a subscription


As an Adobe user and since the release of CC i have disliked the subscription model as have a large portion of the Adobe community and the same can be heard from the Pioneer DJ scene.

Personally i think subscription based systems help turn away users of said software, where there will always be an alternative either non subscription based and usually a lot cheaper or even free, ok, might not be as fully immersive as the big boys or feature rich but are still fully capable of doing what their counterparts can do with some creativity.

I believe that it was Jason who in a interview with Phil Morse, said that they will not go in that direction. :pray:

It was just a though (based on the original subject) rather than a serious suggestion.

Many things are subscription based these days (mobile phone, broadband, music streaming etc) and the vast majority of people have no issues paying for those, so why it makes DJs so prickly I’m not sure.

I know that some DJs don’t like paying for anything (music, licenses, beer :smile:) but it shouldn’t be an issue IMO for anyone making money from their profession.

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+1 for free beer :wink:

Yes I saw that, the issue is Denon first and foremost are about hardware that is evident to my eyes, and in a world where software is the go to it is far easier to produce software on platforms that are already established, Denon are behind but they are closing the gap, their objective is to become #1 in the industry and they will only focus on the features that will aid achieving that goal, it remains to be seen whether this stems feature will have any real traction in a club or festival setting if it does then Denon may seek to integrate it but If the pro DJs simply see it as a bit of a gimmick and nothing more I doubt Denon will focus on it. If Serato or Rekordbox adds the feature that may also be a factor for Denon.

Then one of the questions that could be asked, is: How will a company become marketleader, if not providing the newest features, but wait and see if it is a succes for others brands? (if you get my point)

They have the coolest hardware to date - I love it - and they are def closing the gap, 100%

The above text about ‘How will a company…’ is not anything negative about Denon… I think they have shown us that they really want to improve our options as djs, with the Prime Series.

It was more a generel statement.


A benefit talk above here yes sure but has the point I make he been missed passed?

I don’t mean Engine prime to be monthly pay it or it stop works. Too, I don’t mean Subscription needed to get advertised features in advert fixed

I only mean a share-pay for EXTRA features that he were not even said to be inside when the thing was advertised. So if 1000 people all want prime 4 to show 74 color kaleidoscope in sync with music then the dev team say yes but he will cost €10000 to add wrote to firmware then the 1000 wanters each pay a one off pays of €10 each and few month later only they 1000 wanters who pay they €10 each get that version of firmwares

No subscription. - more like share pay Or pay by feature.

Only fair. If I buy my car new and it say the advert that it moves 60 miles of gallon , why should I expect the car maker to make my car do 70 or 80 miles of gallon two years later for free. No. But if the up grade is made in offer to all for €100 then each owner can make decision of if that extra feature is worth that €100 to them , or it’s not worth to them.

It’s same that I wouldn’t pay to get prime waveform made more pretty or more details in. But I would pay for tighter beats grid and I would pay for more naming typing of tags And loop names and cue pad point names using on-built screen and keyboard.

Denon may need to do what Apple did and buy up smaller companies who develop software as it is likely these smaller companies will have many innovations but lack the resources to mass market, Denon has teamed up with 3rd party companies those that produce rekordbox buddy for instance EP makes RB pointless now for me at least any way.

And one day Denon ends up with 100 versions of EP, that they have to make sure is supported by Engine OS / the Hardware.

I like your thought, and I would also pay 10$ as my share for some stuff (not for subscription) , but I think it will become a ‘mission impossible’ for the developers… I would not want to be in their shoes in that case :joy:. :thinking:

Yes I should have said Share-pay more and said subscription less. Subscription is dirty non stop money out practice trick

With engine prime being a pure prep software it will always be free. If however people start wanting features such as playlists containing usb or ssd files as well as streaming services which need a cloud then they may start charging. Unless Denon buy thier own cloud service. Who knows it is where the market is going, streamimg services. When the next firmware lands we could be edging closer to a sub model.

Ideally the cloud service should be selectable by the user rather than tied to one specific provider.

I have a backup of my files in the cloud already, and the last thing I want is to upload them all again to another site.