Paul - Denon DJ, saying 'Hi'!


Hey guys - a very warm welcome to the official Denon DJ Forums from myself and the rest of the team!


Hey guys - a very warm welcome to the official Denon DJ Forums from myself and the rest of the team! Enjoy your time here :slight_smile:


hello paul.if you still have my email address can u let me know if yous are any closer to release in the uk. cheers


Hi Paul,

I’m DJ TRooKLyN in Miami, FL. I started out as a musician and transitioned to DJing in 1999. Since then I have worked alongside many popular Caribbean DJs such as DJ Socaboy, DJ Tony Tempo, DJ Engineroom, DJ Kaotic, Nocturnal Sound and many more. I’ve hosted events for famous musicians, models, government officials and many volunteer organizations. I’ve been the headline DJ for the City of Miramar’s Caribbean-American Heritage Celebration and won first place in the City of Opa Locka’s Art of Transformation “Battle of the DJ’s” Competition. I’ve also performed on AM, FM and Internet Radio Stations. I’m the first female member of The Legendary Supreme Team, thus their “First Lady”, as well as the Official DJ for Declare Music Group. I’m is also the founder of Cue Point Academy, a DJ school program designed to provide at-risk youth positive exposure to legitimate business opportunities, while teaching them life skills through mentorship and positive peer-to-peer interaction. I’d be awesome if I could get in contact with someone at Denon who could help our organization get some equipment for the kids DJ Camp this summer.


Hi to all, i am an italian Pioneer customer, but i am very interested in the new Denon Prime line. I’m waiting for the SC5000 I am a dance teacher, but i enjoy doing the DJ in private parties. As space music from the carribean to the dance 80s-90s in particular progressive - techno - trance.


Hello guys!

My name is Paul Angel, Denon user in Johannesburg, South Africa I have been a DJ for 24 years and a 6 year denon user of the MC6000, I love DENON to bits but i am having an issue if someone can help me please


USA- strictly DnB, this the first real mixer I bought and I never heard of these denon guys before but I’m glad I bought the 4000. Almost got the pioneer Djm 450 which is a dope mixer but this baby got really nice features. However- 450 - no booth out, pricey, and some unwanted features like a bpm clock? Really? Pass.

4000- good price, split cue, booth out, sound card impregnated, mc capable, and it’s been a really easy to use since I opened the package.

Yo this mixer is pretty dope even though I was quite skeptical pretty much thinking I would be returning it. Now, I’m like getting territorial with it lol… Not a chance for return and I’m looking to stay with this line so as long as they don’t change staying feature plus.

One thing I saw a “couple people nick picking about the vu meters” bro they work better than my first entry level mixer. The meters are on point and calibrated correctly when you cue. The trim is easy to adjust and the meter is real adjustable in no time. Especially with DnB there’s not a lot of time sometimes. I’ve had no issues whatsoever with loudness or meter problems. So you can scratch that nonsense…

I’d like to see someone do a video on doing effects and breaking that part down a little more as I’ve never been a real effects person. Any suggestions?

Software wise, if you use the softwares like me, I’m gonna say serrato is a little more intuitive than traktor, but that’s really a personal thing, not really much to do with the mixer. What I’m saying is pick up the serrato if you only used NI stuff before. With this mixer, it might surprise you like it did me. Plus it’s 50% off for the pro.

Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with my purchase, thx for all nice features denon :headphones:


Hi Jelco - nice to see you here, a very warm welcome! And glad you’re loving your MC4000 - it’s a fantastic controller for sure!


Hi PA Apologies for the late reply - somehow this was missed for me… anyway, did you resolve your problem or can we assist you further?


Hello everyone!@! My name is Nate, aka Detonate, I am a HardTechno dj/producer/event promoter from Seattle WA, USA. I have been djing since 1998, and producing since 2002. I have produced with some hardtechno artists from around the globe, Alex Calver, aka Calvertron (UK), and Patrick DSP (DE), and others. A couple tracks are on the Glitch Records UK label, tracks like “Criminally Insane”, which was later remixed by Scott Kemix and “Believe it”. Check em out if you like techno, you can find them on junorecords and other sites.

I spin a lot of vinyl and cd’s, and bought the MCX8000 for the studio when it was released, and this thing is very fun!! :smiley: Was waiting for a controller that did not require a laptop. “Keep it Bangin”


Good day all,

My name is Michael aka DJ JerzMic. I have been DJing since 1981. More of a turntablelist, just over the past years did a transition to digital. Still learning as I go. I reside in Richmond, Virginia. Just purchased 2-sc5000’s, and the X1800. I can’t really share with you if I like or not because still waiting on the X1800. I will not use the players without the mixer. I like all genres of music. As of now trying to get into New Jersey/New York/Chicago House music just having the hardest time finding where to get good music from. Would appreciate all help/support I can get. Well I won’t make this a book. I thank you all for your time and effort in reading a little about myself.


HI , nice to meet you , my name is Nuka , from Portugal


What’s up! Been spinning since a teen in the early 80’s. Did one of first prime time House Music radio show in New England (U.S.) from 1986 a 1996. Now reside in the Atlanta Georgia U.S. area and DJ full time. Since going digital been a Pioneer user but just bought a DENON MCX8000. LIke that DENON introduced a controller that has versatility (Serato/ Engine/ USB).



I’ve been spinning since about 1997, and have just bought a pair of SC2900’s to compliment my 1210’s. Here looking for support with the Engine software really, as it is constantly crashing on me.


Hey Michael , Chris here and I just moved from Austin TX to Richmond VA. Love love House and where on earth can I get live House music in Richmond? We might have to go halves on a club? :slight_smile:. I use beatport for loops, FX acapella and then throw it all together … Happy hunting!


Hi there everyone,

I purchased my first pair of Technics 1210s in 1994, having fallen in love with house music 4 years previous. Have moved through CDJs, Vestax VCI, Pioneer DDJs and now onto the Denon Prime series (wow!). Run my own successful Old Skool night, playing out 3 times a year to an invite only crowd. Love my progressive and techno / tech house (never had the pleasure of playing that out) but more about the fun for me. Nothing makes you feel good like a good piece of music…


Hey Chris,

Not really sure where you can get live house music in Richmond. I would say the closest would probably have to be DC. I’m assuming when you say live you mean an actual house club. Only thing I could think of is someone’s house that is throwing a house party. Other than that if you find something let me know…lol. As for BeatPort, not really feeling them. Every site, record pool, etc. that I have gone to don’t have the old school house that I’m looking for. And for the ones that do they are very limited. The only one that comes close is Pulse Locker; however, I’m skeptical about them only because you never get to own the music you get. My understanding is if you cut them loose they cut all your music loose which to me is some you know what. Well Chris keep in touch maybe one day we can collaborate together.


hello I am kévin (dj scid-j) lives in france (ile de france region) I started at the age of 18 years animated for 7 years and now just as a personal but I think to resume animation. I started on denon 2500F while working with acid pro for remix, then denons 3500,3700,5500, then switched on vci 300 with itch then serato with ns7 II and after spent on traktor scratch pro with kontrol Z2, X1 and a reloop RP7000 and made 6 years that I work with traktor scratch pro. I just bought the SC5000 premium and I find this perfect platinum so take me another. My style of music is zouk, kizomba, compa, salsa, reggae, dancefloor, kuduro, merengé, latino, rap, rn’b, soul etc. I am open to all kinds of music. I am a taker for the styles of music coming from london, new york, and others …


A warm welcome to all new members who I haven’t had chance to say ‘Hi’ to individually - great to have you aboard.


Hello, Paul.

I just want to say how blown away I’m by recent denon DJ solutions. I was fortunate to DJ oo the new sc5000 players along with new mixer when I was playing along with Paul Oakenfold here in Chicago. I’ve been DJ for years now and my first player ever back in 90’s was DN-1000F and I believe if you know how to DJ on those you can DJ on every equipment. I think Denon will revolutionize DJ market with new products and it will become the new industry standard.

I’m currently producing more than DJ as I’m focusing my career on music production however, I’m taking my radio show to the next level with weekly live video streaming from the venue. I would love to be able to use Denon’s in my setup and promote this new DJ solution.