Packing Failed Error While Transferring to Prime 4 Internal SSD

I have a Prime 4 and was previously a Serato DJ user. I kept my entire collection on an external SSD Drive. When I received the Prime 4, everything went fine. Installed and Formatted the Internal 1TB SSD in no time.

I connected by External Drive to my laptop, opened Engine Prime and loaded all of my music into my Engine Prime Library no problem! Then the problems started.

My external was formatted for Mac. I was getting a Packing Failed error everytime I tried to place a file on my Prime 4’s Internal SSD. Made sense this wouldn’t work from a Mac formatted drive so I took my entire Serato Library and moved it to another External SSD Drive, this time formatted as ExFat. Once again, it took sometime to move my large music library but it all worked. I could see my entire Serato Library, and moved it all into Crates in Engine Prime.

However, once again the issue came when dragging files from my library to the internal drive. I could see all drives. I could see my entire Serato Library in Engine Prime, but every time I tried to place a file from my Library on external drive into the Prime 4’s Internal SSD I would get an error saying Packing Failed.

For Trouble Shooting sake I tried moving a smaller Serato Library on to an SSD flash drive. Once again all went perfect, until it came time to actually place files onto the Internal Drive through Engine Prime - same error.

Is it possible for me to move my Serato Library from an External Drive - Through Engine Prime - and on to the Internal Drive for Prime 4? If not, I do not have nearly the needed space on my laptops internal hard drive, and moving my Serato Library to the Prime 4 just became a huge task.

Ensure that the format you use for the SSD is MBR + ExFAT. By default the Mac will format it as GPT + ExFAT. I’m not saying that’s the be all and end all but my problems vanished once I’d formatted my SDD as MBR + ExFAT.

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Few questions

  1. Are you trying to use the same drive with Serato?

  2. If the music files are already on the Prime SSD you dont need to “pack” anything.

  3. This is what …I use Serato primarily.

  4. Format the Prime SSD as per Denon instructions. ExFat/MBR

  5. Clone your Serato SSD to the Prime SSD. I use Carbon Copy Cloner.

  6. Unplug Serato SSD

  7. Now your Serato library is in the Prime Drive with crates structure everything intact

  8. Now refresh Serato Library in Engine Prime

  9. In the Serato Tab of EP, select all tracks or crates, right click ,then add to collection.

This is helpful, Thank You!

Thank you @Tobes

Please let me know how you get on @BearCole