Output sound issue

So today I was making some crates in serato with my prime 4 connected and my sound started going low then back to normal volume. I stopped what I was doing and disconnected the unit to check that nothing was clamming down on my connections. I power it back up and now my headphone level knob controls my main volume along with the main knob, I no longer have the ability to use the crossfader as everything now comes out as if my cues were on in my headphones. Can someone please help me before a throw this thing outside?

That really sounds like it’s not supposed to happen. Hopefully one of the Denon staff will pitch in. If it is defective that will need to be sorted.

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Why would you throw out a perfectly good laptop? wink wink

Test it standalone. 9/10 it’s a SDJ issue.

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Lmao. I disconnected it from the laptop and downgraded the firmware and still no fix. Updated it and still no fix so its definitely hardware. Denon actually hit me with the quick response and I’m sending it off for them to look at it. Just hope I get it back in time for my gig next month

Yeah, then it’s definitely the unit. How old is it? Quality check is just not the same since inMusic bought the brand unfortunately.

Sadly only a few months. I bought it in September. But its a lesson learned. I have a buy a back up in case this thing fails in march. Last thing I need is a malfunction with no backup at an televised event

Redundancy is key. Good news is that almost anything can be rented these days :smiley:

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Hi @DjMajorLeague - Glad to hear one of my colleagues has reached out to resolve this issue for you. Hopefully you’ll be back up and running with your PRIME 4 soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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