I was under the impression this would plug-n-play for the most part. I’m running a Panasonic Toughbook with Ots DJ Pro linked with a USB cable and get nothing. The only way I can use this is as a mixer from the headphone jack, no bells, whistles, nothing.

Looking at the details of the software on the OtsAV homepage, there isn’t a single word about using controllers. Typically you’d find a list of supported controllers. There is nothing on it or on midi.

This leads me to believe that this software is in the box only.

Best place to ask would be their forum, if they have one. The 6000 is plug and play with DJ software that supports it. There are mappings for Serato, DJay Pro, Mixvibes Cross and VDJ just to name a few I believe have native mappings. Other software will rely on forums and users making their own midi mappings and such.

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I’ve noticed they’ve posted an updated mapping instruction. Here’s the link if you need it:-http://www.otsav.com/midi-hardware-control-maps/

FYI: I’ve literally just ordered this controller and I use both OTS AV/DJ and Virtual DJ 8 Pro, so I’m looking forward to trying both platforms out on this controller. If I encounter any issues I’ll be sure to let you know!

I’m new to the forum, but hope to find it useful and to post useful updates as and when I come across things that I think you might benefit from seeing.

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Good, keep us posted. It’s what forums are for, right?!

Indeed. Well, I tried it out at a karaoke gig using OTS AV DJ Pro and, sure, there are certain things that aren’t mapped for that software via the Denon DN MC6000 Mk2, however, on the whole, it was easy enough to use.

There is one thing I’ve noticed though; on the software, I can scroll through the various tabs and load tracks from every tab EXCEPT the Library tab, which you’d think would be essential! Instead, I have to search the track I want, drag it to the PLAYLIST tab, then it allows me to scroll through, select a track and when I press LOAD on the Denon, it immediately throws it on to my deck of choice. Wondering why it’s not configured to scroll the library tab though? If anyone has any thoughts, do let me know :slight_smile:

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I am a bit rusty on the 6000 and haven’t worked with this software. What I remember is that you were able to kinda toggle through the windows and then start scrolling once you selected the right window. Not sure how that is mapped for this software though.