OS Catalina and Engine Prime v1.3.4

Are they going to be compatible, I am having to hold off updating my Mac to IOS Catalina so as not to have problems with Engine Prime. But… now my new iPhone 11 pro is not compatible with Mojave, so I NEED IOS Catalina. Please can we have some transparency from Denon on when EP and Catalina will work together?

Many Thanks guys

There is no such thing as iOS Catalina. It’s macOS Catalina. I don’t have an iPhone 11 (mine is iPhone X), but I doubt very much (sorry for doubting you, no offence intended) that iPhone 11 requires any current or older Mac computer to run macOS Catalina. I’m guessing you are probably confusing iOS and macOS, as both are Apple developed operating systems, for different lines of products. The former runs on the iPhone (and older iPads - current iPads run iPadOS). The latter runs on the Mac line of desktop and notebook computers designed by Apple.

If an iOS device is running iOS 13 or later, the MacOS must be updated to Catalina in order for both devices to be able to communicate (sync) with one another.

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iOS 13.1.3 & MacOS Mojave

Communicates fine with each other at my ends.


Sorry I meant MacOS Catalina. Hardly the response I was looking for. Any chance someone has an actual answer to the question of when will EP be compatible with Catalina

Google is our friend: https://www.denondj.com/kb/macos-10-15-catalina-support-for-denon-dj/

EP current version is not yet supported, as you already know. DenonDJ will probably update the above file whenever a new compatible version becomes available.

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So no reply from any Denon staff or mods!! Shame but there you go, got your money tough luck type thing I suppose

It would help if Apple didn’t keep on breaking

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For anyone that is having trouble using their iPhone 11 with a previous version of macOS. It’s an easy fix and has to do with keeping your computer software up-to-date:

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Thanks for this helpful reply, I will give this a go in the absence of any help from Denon on the Catalina issue. Much appreciated

No offense, but I’m not sure what you are up to here with these comments:

But your way of responding annoys me so I respond…

  • You ask your question in a public forum where the community helps each other with answers. Instead of complaining you can also be satisfied with the answers given and be patient until there is more news on this subject.
  • If you expect instant and direct support from Denon, I advise you to contact the official support department of your region via https://www.denondj.com/support
  • The fact that the employees of inMusic / Denon are also (quite extensive) active on this forum on top of the community is a plus. They do this on top of their normal job.
  • Denon also answers your question via the link provided by cesarvog
  • Since the information you are requesting has already been answered and is available on the Denon DJ website (see the cecarvog link posted), your question has been answered.
  • This seems to me that a reaction from someone from Denon is unnecessary

Because I don’t want you to feel ignored, I tag @Nekoro_DenonDJ and ask him to confirm this answer or answer differently if he sees it otherwise.

Again, with all due respect and no offense have faith that it is being worked on hard and that it will be solved. They want to have it ready just as much as you do

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Hello @Machadio, thanks for your question and thank you @addie for the shout out! We have no exact date on availability for MacOS Catalina compatibility with Engine PRIME but we are definitely working on it. Our Support team updates this MacOS 10.15 Catalina Support for Denon DJ KB article regularly, so I’d keep an eye open there for news!


hello i have updated my macbook pro to iOS Catalina. Update to the newest version of Engine Prime isn’t possible…When will this problem be fixed? Thanks for your help

Hi @dj03080 - if you take a look at the post right above yours, you will see that Nekoro gave the best answer possible about an hour earlier.

They are working on it, so the best we can do is to keep an eye on the link that Nekoro postet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thnx Engell :wink: I have another question. When i want to copy my music from engine prime (Crate) on my device some tracks are missing. When i select a single track from the crate (which is missing on my device) is working…Is there any limit of tracks which i can copy (i marked all tracks) From 835 tracks i found only 759 on my device.

@Nekoro_DenonDJ Thanks for the response, as you can imagine it is very frustrating to be stuck between either having full phone capabilities or having a working EP, as this has been a problem for many weeks now

I’m selling my prime 4 next week if no fix is forthcoming

Think that I’m having a similar problem, I’m trying to add music to a crate, one minute all is fine and everything can be dragged and dropped and now when I drag it over, I get the green + I let go and nothing happens, there are no jobs active or showing. That when I started to think was there a limit to the number of tracks that you can copy. Hope that you get yours sorted dj03080

So its 6 months later, and still no update to EP for macOS Catalina, is this the sort of customer focus we are looking for? I don’t think so, I’m still having to burn mixes to disc and listening on a discmsn because I daren’t update my mac to Catalina because EP is not compatible. Anyone from Denon care to advise?

I though EP 1.3.4 did support Catalina?

1.3.4 does indeed support Catalina.

Remember to check the latest releases and not just some old posts, so you dont miss anything.