Original package Prime4/ Used Prime4?

Yeah, on the output side too. I only found it by chance several days after getting the unit. I wasn’t sure at first whether I should peel it off or not, in case it was meant to be there…

I managed somehow to put an indent in my left jog display too. :cry:

You are doing the right thing as it will always be on your mind if you keep it.

Don’t be put off by this as the Prime 4 is a fantastic unit and a lot of fun.

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Yeah I agree. Send it back and go to another retailer. What a pain to have two devices that have been not new. Hope it all works out. Show us all your new unit when you get it.

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Yes, I like your comments and completely agree.

But there‘s some new hope. I wrote an email directly to the CEO of the company, stated everything what happened and sent him the pictures. He answered within a few hours (on a Saturday…) and stated that it‘s completely unexplainable to him why I received two used units. He apologizes sincerely. He will take care that I receive a third, unused unit as soon as possible. In addition I will get a call on Monday to finally resolve the issue completely.

Sounds good…so I give them one last chance :+1:

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Can you share more details of the companies referred to on this thread (UK and German) as would be good to know who they are?

With my unit, I don’t believe that the UK retailer was responsible.

The units ship in two boxes - the inner “display” box with graphics, and the outer plain brown box. The circular stickers had been replaced on the inner box, so it seems like it was Denon that did this.

I assume someone from Denon could add a comment on here to confirm whether that is likely? Seems unlikely to me.I ask because I’ve had a similar experience with some other music gear previously (not Denon kit) including finding that the bundled software had already been registered. I’m thinking of ordering a Prime 4 but when spending that sort of money i would expect brand new to mean unboxed and in absolutely perfect condition etc.

I can confirm what @PKtheDJ has already written: my P4 was also in its original box, and it was inside the brown box: then a box (beautiful and colorful) inside a box (ugly).

Even my P4 had two seals of the inner box (the beautiful one with the printed images) that had been cut and then sealed again with two circular stickers identical to the original ones. My P4 also had marks near the MASTER knobs, but they were on the transparent protective plastic (the removable one). My seller replied that the P4s are opened by the European distributor to load the firmware update.

well, guys … I bring you my experience.

I also sent my new P4 back for the problem with the left jog that the display was not working. I think I was the first to accuse this problem and promptly solved it by Denon.

I also got the box with the seals cut and then replaced. The console could be seen by eye that it had been opened in some way, it had signs on the display protection film, but nothing special. I immediately contacted the Denon representative who was following me, and he said, apologizing that they had not warned me in time, that the console had been tested by the Denon technician before shipment, just to avoid having the problem of yet another defective unit .

This is what I have been told. If true, I appreciate it from Denon, of course the units must not arrive damaged in any way.

ahh mine also came from the German distributor.

But you have to wonder why that was necessary. Denon should have someone testing the units at the end of the production line in Taiwan, to ensure they function before they leave.

Appreciate your comments, interesting to here that so many of you had cut stickers…why is that Denon? May it be normal, maybe because a European power plug has to be put in? Both boxes I received seemed to be US-ones originally (see picture attached). Can anyone of Denon comment?

In my case, my seller apologized and confirmed again that both units I received were definitely used units that were send back to the company from users and then to me. They send me a third one which will arrive tomorrow and promised it is an original new one from Denon with no tape cut on the brown box.

I hope everything is good inside, I really want to start playing with Prime4 and not only thinking about the box or cut tapes…

Best regards to all of you!


It’s most likely the firmware.

Denon must build 100s of each prime model every week, ready to ship them all over the world - getting into customers hands a few weeks later.

There must be times were models are made with the current version of firmware in them, then they’re boxed (with a clear sticker) stored, shipped, distributed to countries, denons distributors in each country before being sent out to different dealers, stores etc

If new firmware comes out while primes are on-route for a few weeks between factory and dealer then my guess would be that the countries Denon distributor opens up the boxes, flashes the new firmware, rebkxes and adds an additional clear circle sticker - maybe color Dots are added then too to show what firmware got flashed in.

This is the justification we get from dealers when some of us complain about the cut seals (I also did it). But it seems strange to me that in my P4 I found firmware 1.3.2 instead of 1.4.1 considering that this latest firmware had been released before the end of 2019 and I received the console in mid-May 2020.

But OK: my console works well (… for now), it had no fingerprints or signs of use, apparently it seemed all new, so okay, I go on without thinking about it anymore.

Who knows - as it works, it works.

If I opened up something and found a memory stick, a snapped “Stage area” wristband, a used face mask, a can ring pull and some confetti in it, then I’d be a tiny tad suspicious. Bigger things to worry about right now, like whether there’s any legal gigs to play at all this year

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same thing for me too …

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I back up what Para476 says. The box opening seems to have been done to change power cables.

Having looked closely at my box again today, I also see a small brown square stuck over the US tick, so it seems the unit was originally intended for US but changed to UK (different plug).

Hi everyone,

just want to inform you that I received a completely sealed brown Denon box now, with a Prime4 inside that had one layer cut stickers, but the unit itself looks perfect inside this time. No dirt, no scratches, all protective films on it. Nice!

So I really think one layer of cut stickers can be „normal“, in my opinion maybe because a european power plug has to be put in…

Thanks again for your help. I‘m now enjoying this great unit, it‘s really impressive and makes so much fun

Best regards to all of you!


Good news. Enjoy the beast!

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Good to hear. Enjoy. Happy mixing.

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