Ordering of tracks from Tidal playlist

I’ve started to make use of Tidal for DJing purposes. I love the ability to use Tidal for music discovery and preparation. However, it falls short when it comes to playing a set:

  • The SC6000 re-orders tracks in a playlist by Track Title, ignoring the ordering in Tidal itself.
  • No way of re-ordering playlist tracks on the player
  • Played tracks are only marked as played (coloured green) on the player that played the track. I have 2x SC6000 which are linked and share an internal SSD drive in one of the players.
  • No way of previewing a track, you have to download the whole thing from Tidal. Even being able to see the waveform for a previously analysed track would be useful.

Despite the above, I still like using Tidal because it allows me to find new music and add to my playlists across phone, iPad, laptop, etc.

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Shall we close this one?

Ok sure. I was half hoping someone would know a workaround.

Hi @RobFrancis - Excellent feedback!

Standalone streaming is still in it’s early days but we do plan to expand on the feature set in the future. The goal is to bring streaming capabilities inline with the USB/SD/HD media experience. We’ll be sure to make everyone aware as new abilities become available.

Thank you for your feedback!


Thank you! I await the next firmware update eagerly :wink:

Streaming list sort order might be 3 or 30 firmware updates down the line. If everyone’s most wanted features did indeed come in on the very next firmware update, it would have hundreds of new features in the one update. That’s if a particular feature makes it to any firmware update of course.

But yours is something which quite a few people would use, I think

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Good to know Denon are aware of this as it needs addressing to make Tidal workflow easier to use.

Tidal is probsbly the best streaming service out of them all so defo needs some love and attention.

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