Option to select FX1 and FX2 simultaneously per deck/channel

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? Option to select FX1 and FX2 simultaneously per deck/channel.

  • How will this feature help you and others? Layering effects.

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? Traktor (D2 and S8).

  • Does a workaround currently exist? No, well combining a Sweep FX with a channel FX.

  • How often would you use this feature? Often

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? Similar request was made, but could not pinpoint if OP wanted the same thing. See here: Use more than one FX at a time


Just use fx1 first in the chain. This would open a huge door for creativity

Bravo, right on that is a must feature that arguably we could even say is “missing” as most Controllers do have that option so it would be amazing and as you said huge door for creativity… Please, Please Denon DJ include this in your next update as all Prime 4 owners would be so grateful ;0) kudos to you sir


This might be of a hardware limit with the effects chips instead of just be of the firmware.

But if this is to be firmware change can be done on the Prime 4 then my hope is to this added on to the x1800 mixer too


You have my vote!

I’m coming from Traktor world, to me the king for creativity live DJing although low in the top I know, and I’m used to stack effects to create some cool :sunglasses: stuff.

By the way, please support this if you like it. Thanks

This is probably a hardware limit of the fx chip inside that can’t be got around with firmware changes.

Anyone opened up a prime 4 yet to see what fx chip is running the show in there. If that fx chip will only do one effect at a time, then no number of firmware updates will bring dual fx

The quad core ARM Rockchip should be more then capable, but it could be a matter of optimization to only make one FX available at a time at the moment.

Too much drag on the main processor you think or are the fx coming out of a dedicated fx chip which might have one or two chainable channels ?


It would be great to know from Denon team if there’s a real limitation as you suggest or something than can be improved. Perhaps @JWiLL or someone else can tell us if it’s possible or not. Thanks

I cannot confirm anything on this, only speculate. The Rockchip is at least used for both players (4 layers), but the mixer part could as well be controlled by something else.

As a wholesome guess, by accident, I think that the mixer is a separate peripheral. I have been reading lots here about the prime 4 as I’m going to buy one as a backup to my main Prime 5000/1800 rig ready for my 40 Christmas parties in December, and I’ve read that some small numbers of people have had “cannot connect mixer peripheral “ (well similar message) after some firmware updates. So I’d guess that means the mixer is its own updatable device inside . But my logic might be cock-eyed on that assumption

Yes, there are 3 large separate PCB’s for deck-mixer-deck, several smaller ones for connections and the screens. All have separate sub-firmwares, like the SC’s do (controller, screen, small-screen).

Prime4 is still, in essence, one device. The Rockchip that powers one SC, has to deliver to this entire system. And if the mixer part is a tiny bit like an X1800, then why not have Sweep FX, BPM FX and Filter available at the same time. It isn’t now, so I think it has to do with optimization or indeed lack of components to do that.

Yes I would like to see this option added!!