Option to lock correctly beat gridded & analysed files


Hi. Could we have an option to lock a file once it’s been beat gridded please? I know i could stick a comment in the comments field (or another field i don’t use), but it would be handy if correctly analysed & gridded files could be shown as “complete” (maybe a small padlock symbol like traktor?) Cheers IAN


+1 for this. I’ve been slowly adding my collection into engine prime and it would be AWESOME to have a visual representation to let me know that I’ve already checked the grid/BPM of certain tracks. It was a very handy simple feature that Traktor uses.


Isn’t this what “analyse” and “reanalyse” is for?

I could be wrong, but I thought “analyse” skips tracks that are already analysed whilst “reanalyse” forces already analysed track to be reanalysed.

That was my impression.


Yes BUT just because a track has been analyzed doesn’t mean that the BPM & grid are set correctly or that I’ve set any cue points or loops. Some way to add a “flag” to a track seen in the browser to show that the tracks has been vetted and set to play would be great.


Ok I get you. It’s from a library management perspective right.

Whilst locking a track like in Serato/Traktor is decent enough it doesn’t give any valuable information as to what changes have been made to the track. It only tells , you 've done something to the track.

What i will find helpful is a separate column that shows the attributes of the each track with a wave overview and icons.

That way one can easily spot tracks with cues, beatgrids, saved loops etc without needing to load the track.


Even better but much more involved to initiate.


+1 x 1000… This should really be implemented together with options that set what to analyse…


I agree! I have a lot of good gridding made in traktor to all of my songs. To redo everything and then don’t know if it’s going to keep that way, is a headache.