Only 1 source at once?

Can anybody confirm you can’t play tracks from 2 different sources at once.

I was watching the Q&A and noticed that you can only use 1 source at once to play music from. I’ve recently pre ordered and I’m coming from the RX2 and assumed that this would be standard as what would the point be of 6 different sources if you couldn’t simultaneously use them.

why not? if you have a usb/sd in the left player you can play music from there. And if you have a usb/sd in the other player you can also play music from there. does not matter , you can always choose which usb/sd you play music from. Only thing is, when you search for a tune ,it will only search on the usb/sd that is mounted on the sc5000.

It’s a 4 channel mixer, so 4 different musics can be played at once , plus two mic channels , making 6 noises simultaneously, if you want

Each drive has its own library, so you have to select the one you want to browse through. But since tracks are fully loaded into RAM, you can switch sources while still having tracks playing from a previous source. See at 6:00.

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I would like to have a (sortable) preplist on device wich can contain tracks from multiple sources… If possible.

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Where in the Q&A did they say that? Seems very unlikely that’s the actual capability that the entire unit can only read one drive at a time. Also, as someone else said, since it buffers the track you can always switch sources, but, again, I doubt you heard correctly.

It was said at 43:58 in See the top comment as well.

It was just poorly phrased though, because at 5:54 he specifically says you can easily switch sources throughout the evening. He probably meant you can only browse through one source at a time.

Hmm… it seems like he says it explicity. Both comments are probably correct. I guess what it means right now is that you can’t switch sources until a track has completely loaded in memory, which shouldn’t be too long. Analysis should take longer than the load time. So it looks like there’s one main processor that all four decks share. Not that big a problem.

I understood the same in the Q&A, that the complete Prime 4 device can only use one USB device at a Time. But i think or at least hope, i misunderstood that, as it makes no Sense to me.

Are you really going to load more than one track at a time, though? Once a track is loaded, the source can be changed without issue.

Didn’t you complain about the exact same thing when you talked about the previous generation of Denon DJ players? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:slight_smile: Possibly but under different circumstances. Those are dual-layer players that don’t buffer the whole tracks and sometimes require you to go into their drive-testing utility screen to get them to see four drives through a little USB hub. They also cease all other functions in that screen, so unless you want a smaller number of drives being read and the possibility a drive won’t work, you need to go into that special menu and one by one attach a drive, test it, and then add another.

As I understood it the Prime 4 is in serato mode or usb/hard drive mode you can not use usb and serato together not even switching between the two. Which if that’s the case the prime 4 isn’t that versatile. On top of that you can not play off a usb and record onto your hard drive only record from source you are playing from.

Can anyone from Denon give us some information on this as it’s a huge downside if you can’t use more than 1 source at once.

Personally I think if true this is a bad move on Denons behalf. The 8K can do both but the Prime 4 is ether in controller mode or stand alone mode but not both. Me is now thinking what is best

@ denon: I‘m not talking about Serato and USB Drive in parallel but about beeing able to play like 4 Tracks from different USB Sticks and Record to lets say the internal SSD. Is that possible or not?

The way the MCX8000 works (with VDJ anyway) is perfect. You can switch between standalone (Engine) and VDJ at the flick of a switch and it’s seamless.

Hey Guys,

Yes, only one source can be active at a time. You can swap between multiple sources and keep all the existing tracks on deck, but you can only search and navigate crates/playlists on a single source at a time.

Prime 4 features various media sources to allow smooth DJ handoffs and for those times when a client provides a drive during an event. For me the internal HDD holds all of my core music that rarely changes and I use the USB/SD for current hits or event specific music.

Hope this answers your question.


@JWiLL Thanks for clarification!

Can i copy a stick to the internal drive to be able to search in all Tracks, or does access to the drive only work with an attached PC/Mac?

Hi Toby, at launch you will not be able to copy between drives but this has been often requested and the Dev team are aware. Will keep you posted.

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