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Hi, I just wondered if anyone had taken any DJ courses? I’m thinking of buying one. I’ve checked out videos on YouTube but I’d like something more structured, I’ve looked at Digital DJ Tips, Crossfader and Phil Harris courses but can’t decide what to go for, Crossfader do a Denon DJ course which looks interesting. I know a little bit about the basics, beatmatching, phrasing and timing but need a lot of practice at that.

Would you recommend me to buy a DJ course or should I just practise practise practise on my own?

Thanks for any feedback

Steve :grinning::+1:

Let the bidding commence: @philmorse and @DJHolland



Start with the free resources on YouTube.

Shortee has a bunch

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Hey, thankyou Mufasa :grinning: I’ll check those out. Hope your keeping well :+1:

And thanks Reese :speak_no_evil::+1:

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Hi Steve.

The way we teach DJing is based around the five big steps to DJing success: Gear, music, techniques, playing out and promoting yourself. You need all five to succeed.

We wrote about them in our book Rock The Dancefloor!, which you can get here:

If you agree that this is the way to go, the course you’ll want is our Complete DJ Course.

Hope that helps!


PS you get the book for free when you join Digital DJ Tips!


Hi Phil, it’s great to hear from you. Many thanks for your advice. Yes you have been a big help. I’m actually one of your students and part of the Digital DJ labs Facebook group which is fantastic. Many thanks for the link to your book :grinning::+1:



Check out Club Ready DJ School, Andrew the founder has an infectious attitude and his videos are quite fun to watch and lots of them are free on his Youtube channel although they do offer a online course.

Watch a few of the Freebies on any of the channels mentioned so that you know you will enjoy listening to the presenter and gauge the quality of what is being taught.

IMO Phil Harris has the most annoying voice ever and his videos are not great and as far as i can remember he only uses Pioneer gear, Crossfader on the other hand offers courses tailored to Denon, Pioneer etc.

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Hi Revan, thank you for your message and advice :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll check Andrew’s DJ school out and have a look at his videos on YouTube. They sound good fun :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Haha, thanks for the tag @Reese! No bidding here sadly, I’m open to DM’s though if Steve has any further questions about the courses we offer!

All the best and I hope you find the right course for you Steve, take care!


I will second the recommendation for Andrew’s Club Ready DJ Course.

Whilst the focus is on Pioneer gear and Rekordbox the techniques taught are transferable. He uses memory cues as markers a lot but this can be replaced with hot cues on Denon gear. The principle is the same.

The course is incredibly well structured and his ‘advanced tree’ EQ technique is really useful.

The free videos on YouTube are a good introduction to his infectious character but the course is certainly a step up and well worth the investment.


Thanks for your message DoctorE, I’ll take a look at his videos on YouTube :grinning:

I’ve followed him on youtube for a while and the guy is cool and legit.

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