One prepare list for all media OR/AND copy from one to other media on the device


thanks to DENON for the 1.51 update. I have a some requests for better organisation for me as a mobile DJ on weddings:

When i have new music i dont want to connect my PRIME4 everytime to my computer. I just want to connect my USB stick an copy the news files on the internal SSD. That doesnt seem to work, why?

OK, now i want create a prepare list for the wedding next week. The most songs are on the in internal drive, but some new songs are on the stick. At the moment i have to change between the different media to see different prepare lists. This is not user friendly.

Is my workflow wrong or is this really such a problem to make such easy things links internal copy or one prepare list for all?

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At least some, if not all your feature requests have already been asked for on the special request forms with their required questions / details etc

Duplicating the same requests simply dilutes the voting and what might be a great idea loses votes due to the duplicates.

Maybe delete your dupes and just add your vote/like to the existing thread

Your prepare list for next weeks wedding is already do-able using Ordinary playlists but you will definately need all the songs on one stick / drive, OR differently named playlists varieties on different devices eg sharron&darrenPlaylistonSSD, sharron&darrenPlaylistonPendrive etc

Hi, i could not find a thead for this question. Thank you for your answer, but what i want to do is a playlist on the fly with tracks from USB media the guests on the wedding brings to me, so it is NOT possible to make it like your suggest. Or did i understand it wrong? Thomas

This you cannot do. See this Link, add your :heart: if you want this feature.

You cannot use the “prepare list” to organize the sequence of your tracks, you have to create one or more playlists.

You will have to analyze every single track that guests will send you on their USB stick; you can use one USB sticks at a time, so the mixes must be done with the songs on the same USB sticks, otherwise you will have to switch the source each time.

In my opinion it would be better if you have your notebook at the party, you will take all the MP3 files from the USB sticks that the guests will give you, then analyze them on Engine Prime, check the grid and the BPM (if necessary make the changes), then transfer all on a single USB stick, or connect your notebook to the Prime 4 and transfer to the internal SSD. So you will have less problems.