Onboard Analysis Update Suggestion

OK, so I decided to make a post about it, after all, corrected all my shitty grammar… sorry I’m Mexican :smiley:

Case Scenario: Say a new DJ came and doesn’t have his PL analyzed because he comes from PIO or whatever platform, if tracks(channels) 3 or 4 are not being used, to have an analyze function for entire folders of a USB or external media. I mean, if the computer has enough power to analyze tracks on the fly would be cool to save time while your mixing.

**If the CPU is doing a hard process it could even throttle the analysis until it’s in less use. Not sure how riskey this would be but I’m sure they could allocate some processing power if the user can decide how this is done, say like in your case, are only using 2 tracks! Possibly in the Preferences so it’s preferential, to have this background analysis option activated, even if it disables one of the tracks. Heck, maybe it’s powerful enough to do it without having to limit but it would be awesome regardless.

Personally, I don’t need this every day because I have everything on SSD but sometimes if I brought a new folder I downloaded on a stick or my friends come over, and are totally new to the Denon stuff, this could be a game-changer and also help with adoption into the platform.

My two cents! Cheers and thank you for such a nice product in any case!

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Send your buddy a whatsapp…Run your usb through EP or i’m not letting you in :stuck_out_tongue:

What @mufasa says would be my advice as well, but there is already a “bulk analysis” feature request to like and comment on.

sure, I agree with you :D… but seeing that this DJ tech Denon is bringing us through these feedback loops is just amazing, so I’m just throwing what comes to mind to this wishlist.