On screen clock

I used the clock display in the top right corner of Serato to keep on time with performances, timings for different parts of the party (1st dance at 7, buffet at 8, end at 12 etc) it would be nice to have a small clock on the screen giving real time. Even if it had to be set at the beginning of each performance. An analogue with sweeping second hand would be even better for timing into breaks etc for broadcasting.


Not a dealbreaker, but definitely handy. I’ve had to throw my phone up next to me now to keep up with the time on this now.

I thought I was the only one who missed that.

Probably better under feature request.

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Something we have all grown use to after years and years of laptop use…I would like to see this implemented as well

Def’ not a deal breaker but what a bloody handy thing to have


Very handy and simple to implement feature, I think.

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+1 from me.

Having NYE countdowns would be easier especially if it takes the time setting from the internet servers.

Who doesn’t like a mega-accurate clock for NYE? :slight_smile:

I work in different time zones around the world (on a cruise ship). Having a choice of cities around the world would be cool. It seems an elaborate request but if these Prime 4/SC5000 units run on Linux (or similar) the facility will probably be there already in the OS.


Thank you - added to FEATURE REQUESTS section



This would go lovely on the new status bar :wink:


Agreed this would be great

Would love to see this. Could be a little clock icon that you tap to display the current time.

Curious speaking of clocks is there a way to set default to time remaining on tracks instead of time elapsed? I know how to switch it but I don’t really like to have to do it every time.

Simple but a optional clock would be amazing