OMG So Happy I switched!

OMG , I am LOVING This Prime 4!!

Come from a Pioneer XDJ RX and been a Pioneer guy for the past 10yrs at least.

Good job Denon!!


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Welcome to the other side! The hardware is solid. The firmware is evolving nicely. The software (Engine Prime) is evolving, albeit way slower than we would enjoy.


For me it isn’t just the features and the solid hardware. Im actually enjoying mixing again. Pioneer to me feels stale now after using it so much over the years. The denon and the different feel, light effects, effects, that screen etc is what has made it for me. Rekordbox may be more advanced but it’s as pain in the arse at times too. Engine prime is fine for me and will only get better.

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Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Prime 4 but more importantly THIS :arrow_down:

Absolutely THIS!

I can be seen elsewhere that I was at a point where I just wanted to stop playing out. Too much hassle. But the P4 has put the fun back into DJ-ing out for me.


I was getting bored of Serato and the DDJ-SX, when the SC5Ks came I found my passion back again. Love them, and have for the last 2 years. Most fun I’ve had since I figured out how to mix on 1210s 3 decades ago!!

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Welcome to the prime tribe mate :blush:

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