OMG, NOT another firmware update

Well, this is not a firmware upgrade, but now we can sync our hue lights with the music… I was really missing it! Hey Denon, can you do anything for my coffee maker? I mean, it would beautiful to see the coffee dancing with the DISCO rythm… Anyway, it seems to me that Denon has left the boat… Everything we have is ALL we will have. STOP! No more improvement to the SC5000 system… See yah… Regards

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And where have you seen proof of that please? A link would be good.

A link? Look at your SC5000, this is a good link… Then ask you if at least the basic features request has been satisfied… No need for a link, at least anymore…

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An html link to what you’re suggesting ? Some statement from Denon or inmusic? Some leaked info from jomaxx or teckDJtips maybe?

Or is this just your own personal patience manifesting itself, whilst avoiding the phrase “I wanna free bunch of features added to primes including mine”?

If it’s the latter, I’m totally with you. I want some updates to existing features too. I wouldn’t mind some new features added in there also.

I’d like to see ableton link added, not for me, I wouldn’t use it now, but it’s one of the most requested features and seems like it could open a door to a much wider universe

I’d like to see the prime onscreen (hardware screen) layout changed around a bit. Most of its intuitive already but removing the tree view once you’re in a folder seems good

I’d like to see the graphic waveform generated by the players each load, instead of saved in the database. That would make the database smaller and more nimble, would help networked players utilise larger databases and (my fav) it would allow the players to have bass mid and treble colours for the waveform set in the player preferences so users could pick their own three colours for those three frequencies in their profile, rather than the colours getting “locked” in the saved graphic file in the database

I’m sure we’ll all get more prime firmware features soon enough :wink:


Depends if your definition of “soon” is the same as Denon’s one.

Last major update (Engine OS 1.6) was February 23rd 2021 for the record.


I totally agree! It seems to me that the time between updates is getting longer and longer… This is my FIRST complaint… Moreover I wish I could see some of the BASIC features request included in the next upgrade, and NOT in ONE of the next upgrade… And that’s it!

Is it not acceptable anymore to have one major update a year and the and the rest incremental every 3 months?


I understand your frustrations. We got used to a 3-6 month update cycle for a while. Now that the players already do more than any other standalone unit on the market, the dev team is able to spend more time focusing on under-the-hood improvements. Major updates to the core code of software takes a bit longer than simple additions. So, yes you will start seeing longer firmware update timelines.


Anything is perfectly acceptable. There was nothing on the box or manual that promised “ roll up , roll up , 1 major new feature and 2 minor enhancements every x weeks”.

That gift horse has nice teeth …


It’s a given that what you see printed on the deck is what your gonna get. Isn’t it? It doesn’t mean that new features can’t be added. It also doesn’t mean that new features should equal turning it into a spaceship :rocket:

Things like music management, ergonomics and interoperability are always getting improved.

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OK, nobody told me that there will be update on this media-player, BUT, would you ever by a phone or a smartwatch or anything like this knowing that the device will be forgot by the factory? I mean my smartwatch receives at least ONE little upgrade a month and a major upgrade every 6 months…Every app on your smartwatch is constantly updated by the dev team…The only thing that will not receive any update anymore is my KORG ZERO8 Mixer, unfortunately! They messed up something in the last audio stage that was causing the notorius HISS problem and for this reason the mixer was abandoned…

I don’t really know what you’re blabbing about, but the SC5000 still gets updates after 4 years in service. Agreed, it takes a long time and yes not every new feature might be needed, but stating “forgot by the factory” is based on nothing. Nobody said the Primes were abandoned.


I think this comment from Jwill explains that also very well:

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The latest release is for SoundSwitch, whole owned by InMusic, it’s a separate dev team.

SoundSwitch has a large user following so for people, myself included, I’m absolutely ecstatic about the new release.

However, I’m sure a new Engine OS release won’t be far away, yes it has been a while. However, they have had lots of features listed in forums that people want. So, I’m sure it’s in the pipeline.


There is a company called Pioneer DJ who is touted as the industry standard with a slew of products that stop receiving updates at the 2-3 year mark. :wink:


Yes, but at least their products are generally fully featured on release, with the only updates as bugfixes.

Denon gear has lots of functionality missing on release and people just have to hope it appears one day. And Engine Prime itself is even worse.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but new features meant new devices from their side. Until they became what they are now.

I’m not saying everything is sugar and candy, of course, but what is these days (enter: consumer driven markets).


Don’t forget two main points; The Denons have more features, by far, than Pioneer’s top end products

Pioneer forces you to purchase new hardware to have access to new features.


Well, I have the XDJ1000 and I never ever needed a firmware update, since everything was already there! That is why I still use them without any complaint…As KRADCLIFFE said “their products are generally fully featured on release”, and that’s it!

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A friend of mine bought two of those in 2015, until he wanted to play FLAC files and needed to upgrade to the MK2 version about a year later.

My advice would be to hold on to the SC5000’s, but when your hope is long gone, then maybe the flagship of the competition is the best option for you.