Oliver Heldens Has Changed His Rider

More big news for Denon DJ.

Dutch superstar DJ and producer, Oliver Heldens (#8 DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s 2016), has just switched over to Denon DJ.

So, from what I can piece together, we now have (in order of appearance): Oakenfold, Laidback Luke, Tiesto and Oliver Heldens.

Who’s next?


I was at his show this past Sunday in Montreal - helluva performance. Great time! Four decks and a mixer all up on the stage.

Plus there was a short pause between the opener and OH where the techs ran up on stage and very obviously pulled out all the Pioneer gear and took it away. That made me chuckle a little…


Saturday… Not Sunday… It was a crazy weekend without a lot of sleep… haha

I would have liked to have seen that. :slight_smile:

YouTube’s algorithm was at it again. This was in my suggested viewing list. :speaker:

My apologies if this was posted before.

Oliver Heldens: Summer 2019

I wanted to listen to the music/mixes, so I let it play in the background. This reminds me, I haven’t been up there in a few years. I think it’s time for a revisit. :slight_smile: