Oled screen and output module

Hello, I have been using the X1800 prime mixer for 2 years. in the first year the output module broke and the Oled screen got dead pixels. after the repair the oled screen started showing dead pixels for the second time. now the mixer is back for repair second time. Are there more people who have this problem? Are these weak components that Denon has used in the X1800? Wouldn’t this problem happen with the new X1850 mixer? greets DJ from Holland

I got in December a new X1800, it was DOA. One of the oled screens didn’t work. I don’t think that they use bad quality items. Denon replaced the unit in may with an X1800, just hoped to get an X1850 :wink:

Hi DJJV, welcome to the forum fellow Dutchie!

My own opinion, the OLED screen isn’t the best part of the mixer. Mine has burn-in problems that started before the screensaver/dim option. I think the OLED hasn’t changed much on the X1850.

I still need to get the screen fixed…one day.

Screen needs to blank out sooner and only come back on with any right-side fx control manipulation. Right now, even a signal or fader movement brings the screen back.


I have the same problem. The lower part of the screen stopped working after 2 months of use. So far, absolutely no support on this serious issue by the retailer (in the Netherlands) where i bought the mixer. Will switch back to Pioneer as I have multiple malfunctions on my brand new X1800. Very disappointing.

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Good morning, I bought the Denondj set from Bax in the Netherlands and I must honestly say that the service is super good. the screen has now been returned for repair for the second time, both defective within a few months and because I have used the set professionally I got a loan mixer until my mixer has been repaired. if the screen breaks every time, I will continue to have the mixer made under warranty. it would be even better if Denondj does an exchange action to the X1850 mixer !!!

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Hi DJJV, Indeed Bax is very good and I also like Tone Control in Haarlem. Unfortunately, I bought my Denon mixer at another shop in NL, where I’m not getting the service which you describe and which I also would expect (especially for a brand that’s trying to grab market share from a certain other manufacturer :-)). I already escalated them to Denon.

YES! This is exactly what I’ve been thinking!