Old Dog Learning New Tricks

Hello fellow DJ’s. I’ve decided to get back into the mix after almost 20 years, but the lay of the land has changed. I did my research and decided to go for the Best of the Best and get the Prime 4. NEVER laying a hand on this technology. The last time I DJ’d I used 2 1200’s, 2 CD players a dual cassette player and a mini disc. So I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew. So for those of you that have any suggestions or don’t mine helping a brother get started, where should I go to learn the basics? Like I have an iTunes subscription, can I load those songs? I’m not old, just old school😝


Make sure you have the latest firmware update 1.4 so that you can stream/mix music online… really cool… :slight_smile: but… only work with tidal at the moment… but tue quality is superb… :slight_smile:

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You already have the basics. Start by getting back to your mixes from when you were into it then explore the features for yourself and have fun.

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Familiarize yourself with Prime 4 hardware specifications, capabilities, audio formats supported and the Engine Prime software. Put some tracks, you used to mix in the past, on a removable storage device, formatted and prepared accordingly, then get to work. Start with the basic unit controls, working your way step by step trough its capabilities. Keep the :fire: burning, your ears on the beats and the records “spinning”!

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Got it, thank you.