Ok guys please confirm all bug fixes. bug 001 will not import playlist

hello everyone my name is david and i am new to this forum.

i recorded a bug . it will not import playlist

bug 0012018-08-02 19-25-21.flv (1.3 MB)

Hi @thepoet623 Sorry you’re having issues. Have you contact technical support?

not yet . if you like i will send you all videos of all bugs. that video that i send is one of the worst bug i ever seen.

@thepoet623 i do apologise for these issues you are having. Technical support will be able to assist you further: https://denondj.com/support

I have lost the abilty to resync my usb stick to main collection, no way to sync new hot cues, loops etc. made on the players. Resync button is greyed out. Have contacted Denon and waited 5 weeks… nothing.

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bug-002-All traktor hot cueS, loops all lost ENGINE PRIME 1.2.0

Someone should be in contact with you :slight_smile:

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