Official retailers and resellers


While shopping around for a set sc5000’s and x1800 I came across some refurbished models in a google search from a company called “the dj store” on ebay.

I haven’t used ebay in so many years and it prompted me to ask this question in the forums in the off chance I do go this route. So does Denon warranty or honor repairs from this company? Furthermore what are the official retailers/outlets that are recognized by Denon.

I’d rather not have my purchase ruined by the old “you did not purchase from an authorized retailer so we won’t help you” mantra then have paperweights instead.


I think that’s InMusic’s (the owner of the Denon DJ branding) service center and warehouse in Reno, NV. So those are about as authorized refurbs as you’re going to find.


Weird, why don’t they just sell under the Denon Dj name?


That’d be a hassle to have a different ebay seller name for each branding under the InMusic parent company.


Why not knits call it Denon dj refurbished and have a description stating they are the official reseller for Denon dj. Not sure I follow on how it’s a hassle. Regardless it’s about public perception and transparency. Just be up front and honest, customers will respect you more for that. rather than having to google and research a company only to find miscellaneous shell accounts.


It says on the listing they’re authorized. Did you actually click on their ebay storefront? Denon DJ stuff isn’t the only thing they’re selling. I wouldn’t want to be the person in charge of like 20 different ebay storefronts for the service center & warehouse, one for each branding. I assume they don’t have “we are InMusic” right on there in big letters so people don’t bug them so much about warranties past the 90 day mark. They used to sell B-stock directly on Numark’s site prior to the renaming of the parent company and relegating of Numark to sub-branding status. They’re usually pretty good about warranty stuff, anyway. And plus, you have the fact an actual person stateside physically went over the item. In my experience that’s better quality control than out of InMusic’s Taiwanese factory, but YMMV.


On a mobile so the storefront, least from what I could see, did not list any details. I’ll have to give it a go on a actual computer since the mobile version may limit the amount of information.

The point about someone else giving each unit a once over did cross my mind.


Hi Nils, let me get an official response for you from the relevant teams here.

Regards, J


Hi Nils, please see the response from our UK sales team which I hope answers your questions:

"An Authorized DENON DJ dealer should and can display this in their advertising media as part of the customer satisfaction requirements” if this is not the case, try contacting the dealer directly to find out, if the contact details are not easily accessible on the listing then think about that from an aftersales point of view for your own satisfaction and make the decision yourself as to whether you want to save a few pounds, and take the risk, or buy from an authorized dealer, at an authorized dealer price, with the authorized dealer back up.

We (DENON DJ) are here to help all the way, but as you say, only if purchased through an authorized retailer. In the case of a “refurbished” item, which in the world of eBay, can mean, EX demo Stock, Warranty repaired return unit, or simply second hand, it is best to be safe than sorry.

If it is too good to be true, it usually is.


Thank you for the reply. The owness appears to be placed upon the purchaser to decide which leaves it too open for further support as no actual list has been provided.

This is good as it demonstrates the level of support one could expect or not and as you mention, eBay stores including “the dj store” anyone could state “authorized reseller” but when I’m need of support Denon could state “sorry this isn’t an official reseller” and the purchaser is out of luck.

With no real assurances or list of authorized resellers I would ascertain one can only purchase direct through Denon, not Amazon, Amazon refurbished, Guitar Center, EBay, Sweetwater etc.

I am glad I asked and thank you again for the clarification…