Odyssey road case for SC6000

I’ve been looking into road cases for my pair of SC6000. Since I live in Canada I’m quite limited in choice. Odyssey seems to be distributed in pretty much all music stores.

I have found two models

FZCDJBL: https://www.odysseygear.com/product/fzcdjbl/universal-black-large-format-media-player-flight-case/

K12MIXCDJBL: https://www.odysseygear.com/product/k12mixcdjbl/krom-series-black-universal-12-format-dj-mixer-large-format-media-player-carrying-case/

The SC6000 is not listed as compatible but the first one has pictures with a SC6000M. Personally I’d prefer the look of the second one (plus it’s usually cheaper) but I’m not sure the player will fit into it. I’ve sent an email to the manufacturer in hope they might have the answer but I don’t really expect a response.

I can’t really experiment either, pretty much all shops return policy will require me to pay for either restock or shipping…

Anyone got any of these?

I was similarly confused about the SC6000s being pictured in their coffin case but not being listed as compatible. I contacted them and they confirmed it is compatible and just didn’t update the website. You’re going to have to play around with the included foam to make the fit right, but it does!

Which one are you using? the FZCDJBL ?

As an extra info to this topic.

The Magma SC5000-X1800 coffin version I have, doesn’t fit the SC6000’s. So it’s nice to see this one does.

It has been replaced by this one:

This is FZ12CDJWXDBL :+1:t2:

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