Odyssey Case Foam Insert Placement

Hey guys! I just barely got the Odyssey case for my Prime 4. The FZDNPRIME4BL to be exact. It’s the low profile flight case. It came with 4 firm foam inserts, as well as one soft eggshell foam piece. Do any of you know where these pieces should be placed, or how I would figure out how to place them? Thanks!

This is not how it came … ?

Mine were too thick so I cut them down a little bit and used some double sided tape to stick them to the top side of the case so two of them are over the platters and one over the mixer section to keep the unit from moving around.

My experience is that most case manufacturers take an existing case and rebrand for another device simply by putting other foam in it.

That’s why I chose Magma Bags for my BigPrimes. Top of case = top of device. Really nice fit. They took time and effort to fit the specific device it should held. Swanflight is also very good.

See the Magma Prime4: https://www.magma-bags.de/dj-controller-case-prime-4.html

I do agree on the Magma! Also Pro X seems to have put some thought into their P4 cases too