(Now Closed) Invitation to the MCX8000 Firmware 2.0 Public Beta Tests

Como descargo el Nuevo Firmware para la MCX 8000 me gustaria probarlo y comentar

good day i would like to receive the beta update for mcx8000

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Hi. When are you expecting a newer windows driver and or is it another firmware version of the mcx 8000?

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I 've added you to the Public Beta Testing Group so you’ll now be able to see the Public Beta Testing category. In that category, you’ll find the latest firmware build and the current firmware also, allowing you to get the firmware back to it’s current revision before taking the 8000 out to events etc.

mi farebbe tanto piacere partecipare anche a me ed utilizzare Engine Prime con Denon mcx8000

ciao.ma dove trovo il software v2.0?

I would love to be added to engine prime beta testing for my mcx8000

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Hey @Gee_DenonDJ ! I would like to test the new Firmware v2.0 for the MCX8000

Hi I own a MCX 8000 and I would be interested to get the beta version and be involved in the development of the mapping of Prime. The problem is that I won’t find the link to download it! Thx Sly

Hi @Gee_DenonDJ I own an MCX 8000 and very often use a pair of SC 5000. I wish I could try the new firmware in order to test the new features and especially the compatibility with Engine Prime. Thank you for adding me to the beta testers.



can you please invite me to beta programe as i I would like to take part in the beta testing for v2.0 id like to test the prime softwere pls been waiting for this for a long time thanks guys your ace for adding prime ui to the mcx 8000 il be shure to post if i find any bugs in the firmware ???

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i would like to test the MCX8000 v2 BETA-Firmwar. How to get it?



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what do you do if closed that link on accident?

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hey i would like to test out the new firmware

Hi There I have requested to be part of the firmware testing twice already. Please add me??? Third time lucky let’s hope!

@Breaknenter @Simonkokkinn @Dalek here is the post to request access to the beta. Invitation to the MCX8000 Firmware 2.0 Public Beta Tests if yo no longer have it at the top of the forum home page.

Hi. I’d like to test the new firmware. how do i do this? :slight_smile: